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TIAA Investments


About TIAA Investments

Nuveen offers a comprehensive range of investment capabilities across income, equities, alternatives and multi-asset solutions. Our differentiated approach is informed by more than 120 years of investing to help achieve client outcomes and five decades of leadership in responsible investing. Investment teams focus on delivering long-term results and managing risk for clients by drawing upon integrated research and risk-management processes, deep resources, diverse capabilities and market access.

Additional insights

Trivedi, Himani
Himani Trivedi
Head of Structured Credit
Tripp, Carly
Carly Tripp
Global Chief Investment Officer and Head of Nuveen Real Estate Investments
No profile image available
Kenneth H. Toft
Senior Vice President
  • Co-Portfolio Manager
  • Gateway Investment Advisers, LLC
Darren Tran profile pic
Darren Tran, CFA
Equities Portfolio Manager
John Tribolet
John Tribolet
Portfolio Manager
No profile image available
Tortoise Capital Advisors
Tan, Harry
Harry Tan
Head of APAC Research, Strategic Insights, Real Estate
No profile image available
Willis Tsai
Head of International Portfolio Management
Tonneson, Scott
Scott M. Tonneson, CFA
Portfolio Manager, Senior Research Analyst
No profile image available
James S. Tsang, CFA
Quantitative Portfolio Manager
Travaglino, Nicholas
Nicholas Travaglino
Portfolio Manager, Head of Securitized Sector Team
Jeremy Thiessen
Jeremy Thiessen
Head of Investment Strategies
Michael Ainge
Michael Ainge, CFA
Head of Leveraged Finance Fixed Income Research
No profile image available
Dan Ashcraft
Co-Portfolio Manager
  • Gateway Investment Advisers, LLC
Glen Anderson
Glen R. Anderson
Senior Research Analyst
Antoine Sooyun
Sooyun Antoine
Client Portfolio Manager, Municipals
Peter Agrimson
Peter L. Agrimson, CFA
Portfolio Manager
Johnson, David
David F. Johnson, CFA
Portfolio Manager, Senior Research Analyst
Unnithan, Rekha
Rekha Unnithan, CFA
Managing Director, Global Head of Private Equity Impact
Derek Jun
Derek Jun, CFA, FRM
Head of Investment Risk for TIAA and Nuveen
No profile image available
L. Phillip Jacoby
Portfolio Manager
  • Spectrum Asset Management
  • Jeltrup, Chris headshot
    Chris Jeltrup
    Portfolio Manager
     Jovanovic, Pedja
    Predrag S. Jovanovic
    Research Analyst
    Michael Keogh
    Michael Keogh
    Director of Research
    Thorsten Kiel
    Thorsten Kiel
    Head of Industrial and Logistics, Europe
    Vijay kasaravada photo
    Vijay Kasarabada
    Chief Information Officer
    Amanda Kizer
    Amanda Kizer
    Director, Responsible Investing
    Kim, James
    James Kim
    Head of Leveraged Finance Research, Head of Distressed Investments
    Kelly, Justin
    Justin H. Kelly, CFA
    CEO, CIO, Winslow Capital
    Kurteson, George
    George F. Kurteson
    Head of Portfolio Management, Senior Lending
    Robert Kron
    Robert Kron, CFP®
    Advisor Education Specialist
    Kuhlman, Adam
    Adam J. Kuhlmann
    Portfolio Manager
    Kencel, Ken
    Ken Kencel
    President and CEO
    No profile image available
    Quinn T. Kiley
    Managing Director
  • Senior Portfolio Manager
  • Kemper, Chad
    Chad W. Kemper
    Portfolio Manager
    No profile image available
    Terrence Kontos, CFA
    Equity Research, Portfolio Manager
    Kavanaugh, Louise
    Louise Kavanagh
    Chief Investment Officer and Head of Asia Pacific, Real Estate
    No profile image available
    Max A. Kozlov, CFA
    Equity Quantitative Portfolio Manager
    Knudsen, Ejnar
    Ejnar Knudsen, CFA
    Chief Executive Officer
    Kerl, Ben
    Benjamin T. Kerl
    Head of Real Estate Investments and Portfolio Manager
    Margot Kleinman
    Margot A. Kleinman
    Assistant Director of Research
    Molly Huck
    Molly Huck, CIMA®
    Advisor Education Specialist
    Hagg Kelly photo
    Kelly A. Hagg
    Senior Managing Director, Head of Responsible Investing Strategy and Solutions
    No Photo Available Place Holder
    Yuchang (Charles) Huang, CFA
    Portfolio Manager
    Ben Harrild
    Ben Harrild
    Partner, Arcmont Asset Management
    Steven Hamill image
    Steven M. Hamill, CFA
    Portfolio Manager, Analyst
    Donald Hall
    Donald Hall
    Global Head of Research, Real Estate
    Michael Hunter
    Michael Hunter
    Global Co-head of Housing and Alternatives
    Cristina Hastings head shot
    Cristina Hastings Newsome
    Head of Sustainability, Nuveen Natural Capital
    Karen Hiatt
    Karen Hiatt, CFA
    Portfolio Manager
    Andrew Hurst
    Andrew D. Hurst
    Portfolio Manager
    Richard Hamilton-Grey
    Richard Hamilton-Grey
    Head of Sustainability, Europe & Asia Pacific
    Hamilton, Michael
    Michael S. Hamilton
    Portfolio Manager
    Andrew C. Hwang
    Portfolio Manager, Equity Analyst
    Hicks, Cadmus
    Cadmus M. Hicks, CFA, Ph.D.
    Director of Performance Risk and Analysis
    No profile image available
    Hiroshi Hamazaki
    Trader, Portfolio Manager
    Hoffman, Melanie
    Melanie Hoffman
    VP, Content Development
    Huffman, William
    William T. Huffman
    President, Equities and Fixed Income
    Horrocks, Tim
    Timothy Horrocks
    Head of Investment, Continental Europe
    David Heilbrunn
    David A. Heilbrunn
    Head of Product Development & Capital Raising
    Douglas J. Hepworth
    Douglas Hepworth, CFA
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Risk Officer, Gresham Investment Management
  • No profile image available
    Wendy Harrington
    Chief Data and AI Officer and Head of Enterprise Strategy and Data Solutions
    Levy, Joel
    Joel H. Levy
    Portfolio Manager
    Hlavin, Steven
    Steven M. Hlavin
    Portfolio Manager
    Higgins, Joseph
    Joseph Higgins, CFA
    Portfolio Manager, Head of Multi-Sector Portfolio Management
    Hagopian Shant
    Shant Hagopian
    Head of Leveraged Finance Business Strategy and Development
    Noah Hauser photo
    Noah P. Hauser, CFA
    Portfolio Manager
    Jeanne Casey
    Jeanne Casey
    Global Head of Proptech and Innovation
     Chalupnik, David
    David A. Chalupnik, CFA
    Head of U.S. Active Equities Portfolio Management
    Alice Cavalier
    Alice Cavalier
    Partner, Co-Head Capital Solutions, Arcmont Asset Management
    Joy Crenshaw
    Joy Crenshaw, CIMA®
    Head of Global Sales and Advisor Development
    Francesco Cacciabue
    Francesco Cacciabue, CFA
    Partner / CFO
    Chris Cox
    Chris Cox
    Chief Risk Officer
    Cunniff, John
    John Cunniff, CFA
    Portfolio Manager, Head of Target-Date Multi-Asset
    Clark, James
    James K. Clark, CFA
    Client Portfolio Manager
    Stephen Candido
    Stephen J. Candido, CFA
    Portfolio Manager
    Castro, Joe
    Joe Castro
    Head of Compliance
    Campagna, Jim
    Jim Campagna, CFA
    Head of Equity Index Strategies
    No profile image available
    David Copp
    Active Equity Portfolio Manager
    Scott Caraher
    Scott Caraher
    Head of Senior Loans
    Pei Chen
    Pei Chen
    Head of Equity Quantitative Strategies
    Castelluccio, Jason
    Jason J. Castelluccio, CIMA®
    Client Portfolio Manager
    Person photo
    Jason Campbell
    Portfolio Manager
    Close, Daniel
    Daniel J. Close, CFA
    Head of Municipals
    Cheng, Richard
    Richard Cheng
    Head of Investment Grade Credit Sector Team, Portfolio Manager
    Erin Culek
    Erin Culek
    Business Strategy and Management
    Colon, James
    James A. Colon, CFA
    Portfolio Manager
    No profile image available
    Richard Chiang
    Client Portfolio Manager, Nuveen
    Cuelho portrait image
    Mark Coelho
    Head of Horticulture, Nuveen Natural Capital
    No profile image available
    Jim Cunnane Jr., CFA
    Managing Director
  • Senior Portfolio Manager
  • Carr, Charles
    Charles J. Carr, CFA
    Portfolio Manager
    Alexandra Cooley
    Alexandra Cooley
    CIO and Co-founder, Nuveen Green Capital
    No Photo Available Place Holder
    Aaron Enriquez
    Research Analyst
    Farris Bio Image
    Jeff Eng, CFA
    Managing Director, Retirement and Education Solutions
    Espinosa, John
    John Espinosa
    Head of Global Fixed Income Research
    Ivanova Rossana
    Rossana Ivanova
    Portfolio Manager, Analyst
    No Image
    Intech Investment Management
    Jessica Fox
    Jessica Fox, CRPS
    Head of Mid-Market Consultant Relations, Nuveen Retirement Investing
    Derek Fricke headshot
    Derek Fricke
    Managing Director, Junior Capital and Private Equity Solutions
    Chris Freeze Bio
    Chris Freeze
    Head of Investor Relations

    Returns quoted represent past performance which is no guarantee of future results. Investment returns and principal value will fluctuate so that when shares are redeemed, they may be worth more or less than their original cost. Current performance may be higher or lower than the performance shown. Returns without sales charges would be lower if the sales charges were included. Returns assume reinvestment of dividends and capital gains. Class I shares and institutional have no sales charge and may be purchased by specified classes of investors.

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