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Tax information

Tax information for investments in Nuveen's closed-end funds, exchange-traded funds, mutual funds and interval funds will be available in mid-February on our site. In addition, beginning mid-February we will send tax information directly to shareholders registered with Nuveen as well as broker-dealers who then distribute tax information to investors holding shares in street name.

If your account statements and fund distributions come directly from the Nuveen funds you may view your account and tax documents via the Client Access page.

It's not what you earn, it's what you keep®

Tax-advantaged investing

We invest in a range of tax-efficient asset classes and vehicles to help your clients maximize after-tax outcomes and advance their financial goals.


NOTE: The following funds either invest in Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs), Regulated Investment Companies (RICs), or employ a managed distribution policy (or a combination thereof). As a result, to accurately determine shareholder tax reporting for these funds, it is necessary to calculate certain tax adjustments. Information to calculate such adjustments for the preceding calendar year is not available from third-party providers (various issuers) until February. As a result, the Funds have filed an extension with the IRS to mail your completed 1099-DIV after the mid-February deadline. Therefore, you may not receive your 1099 Forms until late February or early March.

Nuveen Closed-End Funds

Nuveen Core Equity Alpha Fund (JCE)
Nuveen Core Plus Impact Fund (NPCT)
Nuveen Dow 30SM Dynamic Overwrite Fund (DIAX)
Nuveen Global High Income Fund (JGH)
Nuveen Mortgage and Income Fund (JLS)
Nuveen Multi-Asset Income Fund (NMAI)
Nuveen Nasdaq 100 Dynamic Overwrite Fund (QQQX)
Nuveen Real Asset Income and Growth Fund (JRI)
Nuveen Real Estate Income Fund (JRS)
Nuveen S&P 500 Buy-Write Income Fund (BXMX)
Nuveen S&P 500 Dynamic Overwrite Fund (SPXX)
Nuveen Exchange-Traded Funds

Nuveen Short-Term REIT ETF (NURE)

Nuveen Mutual Funds

Nuveen Global Infrastructure Fund (FGI)
Nuveen Global Real Estate Securities Fund (NGRES)
Nuveen Real Asset Income Fund (NRAI)
Nuveen Real Estate Securities Fund (FRES)
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