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Investment Outlook

Macro market monitor

Saira Malik
Chief Investment Officer
Macro market monitor gauge

Looking at the big picture

The Macro Dashboard provides a quantitative snapshot of the state of the U.S. economy and markets. With a consistent scorecard, investment committees can use this tool to evaluate periodic changes in conditions, prioritize research and drive dialogue that ultimately results in better informed portfolio strategy. 

Inflation: Trailing inflation, continues to decline. Forward-looking inflation expectations expect inflation to continue to decelerate.

US Monetary Policy: Still restrictive given the level of the Fed Funds Rate, but financial conditions have loosened as treasury yields have declined. Rate cuts from the U.S. Federal Reserve are expected as soon as June.

Economic Activity: Robust, and consumer expectations have become increasingly optimistic. 

Employment: Healthy, with jobless claims historically low and job openings well above its long-term average. Some cracks may have started to appear in employment data, but only marginally so.

Investor Sentiment: Mixed, with individual investors reflecting more optimism than the overall investor community. 

US Equity Fundamentals: The ongoing rally in equities has driven forward P/E ratios even higher, causing valuations to become markedly expensive. Revisions to expected earnings though have improved.

Nuveen Macro Market Monitor chart
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