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Sustainability issues are already influencing real estate market fundamentals including client demand, void lengths, obsolescence, rate of depreciation, operational costs and liquidity. Our responsible property investment strategy addresses a wide range of environmental, social and governance issues. This helps us anticipate and respond to changes in the investment market, occupier demand, legislative and fiscal regimes, client expectations, energy supply, cost and resource availability – identifying opportunities to mitigate risk, protect and create long term value.


Our responsible property investment strategy addresses a range of environmental and social issues, risks and opportunities. As occupier demand, investors' requirements, legislation, global climate and resource challenges evolve, our approach to sustainability continues to develop.

— Abigail Dean, Head of Sustainability, Real Estate

We are committed to performance measurement and transparency. We monitor key performance indicators in line with the Global Reporting Initiative Construction and Real Estate Sector Supplement (GRI CRESS) and INREV Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. We set annual targets and benchmark our performance against the wider industry using the Better Buildings Partnership’s Real Estate Environmental Benchmark, IPD’s EcoPAS and Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB).


Why Nuveen?

Expertise and legacy
Our RI leadership began with corporate engagement on anti-apartheid issues in the 1970s. Today, we are one of the largest RI managers.
Our commitment to ESG factors extends beyond traditional markets to include real assets.


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