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Nuveen fund

European Cities

European cities strategy


A city-based real estate opportunity that seeks to deliver defensive stable income return, diversification and capital growth.

Key features
  • Targets assets in European cities that we believe are best positioned for demographic and structural growth
  • Focuses on investments with structural performance drivers across all real estate sectors
  • Leverages our extensive pan-European on-the-ground local resources for transaction and asset management expertise

By combining our Research team’s city-focused approach, with the deep market insight and expertise of our European investment and asset management teams, we are strongly positioned to execute this strategy.

— Andrew Rich, Fund Manager, Real Estate, Europe
Properties portfolio


16,500 sq m  |  178,000 sq ft


Jun 2020

Campus hero image


20,082 sq m  |  216,161 sq ft


Jan 2020

Vienna park aerial view
The Cube


17,239 sq m  |  185,559 sq ft


Jan 2020

Cube Berlin


97,419 sq m  |  1,048,609 sq ft


Jan 2019

Westfield logistics
Devonshire Square

United Kingdom

59,233 sq m  |  637,579 sq ft


Apr 2018

Devonshire Square
Haagsche Zwaan


18,250 sq m  |  194,000 sq ft


Jan 2018

Haagsche Zwaan exterior


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Why cities?

Our expertise
Our proprietary analysis of more than 4,000 cities has identified the top 2% of those cities that we believe are best positioned to benefit from global megatrends.
Contact us
Profile image of Gabi Stein
Gabi Stein
Managing Director, Senior Real Estate Specialist
A word on risk

Real estate investments are subject to various risks, including fluctuations in property values, higher expenses or lower income than expected, and potential environmental problems and liability. Please consider all risks carefully prior to investing in any particular strategy. The portfolio’s concentration in the real estate sector makes it subject to greater risk and volatility than other portfolios that are more diversified and its value may be substantially affected by economic events in the real estate industry. economic events in the real estate industry. International investing involves risks, including risks related to foreign currency, limited liquidity particularly where the underlying asset comprises real estate, less government regulation in some jurisdictions, and the possibility of substantial volatility due to adverse political, economic or other developments.
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