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Investment outlook

Crossing this midyear milestone may elicit a symbolic sigh of relief, but turning a calendar page doesn’t alter market realities or address the matter of how best to position portfolios for the next six months and beyond. That’s the critical task in an environment where the noise has only grown louder, certain signals look less favorable and financial markets have doubled down on volatility.

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Latest insights
Investment outlook 2022 midyear outlook: From pain to gain
As we enter the second half of the year, most of the first half’s significant headwinds are still in place. Not all is bleak, however. We see some potentially better news ahead.
Weekly Commentary From pain to gain: midyear outlook preview
What will the world look like going forward? And how should we approach the markets?
Investment outlook Resiliency required (but seeds should be planted early)
It’s natural to question your investment strategy when faced with extreme and unexpected events.


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Nuveen’s breadth of expertise provides a broader perspective on the economy and markets. Our specialist investment teams uncover opportunities across the full range of public and private markets. Their views and the analysis of our Solutions team can inform tactical shifts and more comprehensive diversification supporting client objectives.
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