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Nuveen fund

German Living Impact

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An impact focused strategy, which seeks to address the growing supply and demand imbalance that is affecting housing affordability in Germany. The strategy aims to create positive outcomes for society and the environment by investing in German residential property whilst providing access to stable, long-term income opportunities.

Key features

"An increasingly urgent need for sustainability is affecting our day-to-day lives and many areas of our society. Residential real estate occupies a key space in this regard, as it combines social, ecological and financial aspects. We aim to demonstrate that, in addition to targeting long-term, attractive return for our investors, capital can also provide a quantifiably positive benefit."
- Tanja Volksheimer, Senior Portfolio Manager, Europe
Insights and news
Real estate Impact investing: Resiliency of affordable housing investments
The affordable housing sector remains an attractive strategy within real estate given the sector’s economic resilience compared with other housing sub-asset classes.
Real estate Doing well by doing good
At this year’s 2022 PERE impact investing roundtable, Abigail Dean, Global Head of Strategic Insights, discusses with other participants the structuring and regulatory issues required in shaping the first generation of real estate impact funds.
Real estate news Nuveen Real Estate Launches Global Impact Investing Sector Focused on Community Revitalization, Resident Well-Being
Nuveen Real Estate today announced the launch of a comprehensive global impact investing sector that will focus on building the vitality and sustainability of entire communities by enriching the lives of their residents.
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Tanja Volksheimer
Tanja Volksheimer
Senior Portfolio Manager, Europe
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