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Nuveen fund

U.S. Workforce Housing

Bell Wakefield pool area


U.S. workforce housing will identify relative value and target assets below replacement cost that are less impacted by new supply and are well positioned for a recovering economy. It will target well-located assets that are either under managed, undercapitalized or over leveraged in stable and growing markets. The strategy will execute value-enhancing property improvements through a specialist asset management team with proven capabilities, with the aim of achieving post renovation rents at a significant discount to class A and newer product.

Workforce rental housing
  • Primarily class B garden- style
  • Targeting 50% to 80% area median income
Value enhancement
  • Extensive value-add repositioning expertise
  • Over 14,300 unit upgrades
  • Average 24.4% return on cost
Tax-exempt bond financing
  • Specialty, low-cost leverage
  • Enhanced cash flow distribution
  • Specialist team over 28 years
  • T11 vehicles since 1993

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