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Real assets

Specialized knowledge in a range of real assets

Nuveen’s real assets platform seeks to offer investors access to high quality assets and uncorrelated, stable returns. Our platform is grounded by a sustainable investment philosophy and invests across natural capital, private infrastructure, listed real assets, commodities and private impact.

Real assets capabilities

Nuveen Natural Capital is a land-focused asset management platform, deploying a value-added mindset and regional hands-on management to land-based investments to advance best practices and help create sustainable production systems for food, fiber and timber

Nuveen Infrastructure is a globally diversified platform dedicated solely to investing in private infrastructure across multiple strategies and sectors, including clean energy, agribusiness, telecommunications, transportation, and social infrastructure

Listed real assets

Seeking to provide investors with more stable, cash-flow oriented returns, a potential inflation hedge and diversification opportunities

Additional capabilities

Why invest in real assets with Nuveen?

#1 largest
manager of farmland globally1
3m acres
of farmland and timberland under management2
Top 10
manager of timber assets globally1
Top 20
infrastructure manager globally3


Building a resilient real assets portfolio

Investing in real assets is critical to a diversified portfolio to deliver both capital appreciation as well as contractual and stable income. We embed ESG principles and practices in the investment process, accompanied by strong investor alignment and partnership.

Nuveen Knows RI
Real assets leadership
Featured insights
Real assets Why should institutional investors consider real assets?
Real assets may reduce diversity portfolios, reduce volatility, enhance returns and generate yield. We discuss the benefit of investing in private real assets.
Private real assets The power of private real assets
Our latest research demonstrates private real assets’ potential to deliver uncorrelated returns, making them a key element for diversifying portfolio risk.
Real assets What are the characteristics of investing in real assets?
We explore three sub asset classes — real estate, farmland and infrastructure — to understand the opportunities real assets offer, the role they can play in a portfolio and the range of choices investors face.
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1 Pensions &Investments, 03 Oct 2022. Rankings based total worldwide farmland assets under management for the 12 months ending 30 Jun 2022 as reported by each responding asset manager.
2 As of 31 Dec 2022.
3 IPE Real Assets Report July/August 2022.

Investors should be aware that alternative investments are speculative, subject to substantial risks including the risks associated with limited liquidity, the use of leverage, short sales and concentrated investments and may involve complex tax structures and investment strategies. Alternative investments may be illiquid, there may be no liquid secondary market or ready purchasers for such securities, they may not be required to provide periodic pricing or valuation information to investors, there may be delays in distributing tax information to investors, they are not subject to the same regulatory requirements as other types of pooled investment vehicles, and they may be subject to high fees and expenses, which will reduce profits. Alternative investments are not suitable for all investors and should not constitute an entire investment program. Investors may lose all or substantially all of the capital invested. The historical returns achieved by alternative asset vehicles is not a prediction of future performance or a guarantee of future results, and there can be no assurance that comparable returns will be achieved by any strategy.
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