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Tax-advantaged investing

Download 2023 taxable equivalent yields

It's not what you earn, it's what you keep®

Interest rates are rising, financial markets have declined and tax rate increases are on the horizon. In this environment, there is opportunity to add value by considering tax-smart strategies for changing conditions. Nuveen invests in a range of tax-efficient asset classes and vehicles to help maximize after-tax outcomes and advance financial goals. Leverage our resources to address the current landscape and to learn more about the benefits of tax-efficient investing.

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Nuveen offers 125 years of global investing expertise across income, real estate and alternatives.


Resources to guide conversations around tax-advantaged investments

2023 taxable equivalent yields

Taxable equivalent yields help investors compare the potential returns of a taxable investment versus a tax-advantaged investment, such as a municipal bond fund. Use our tax tables to determine taxable equivalent yields based on your state and federal tax rates.

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Municipal Bonds Municipal market: four themes to watch in 2023
Here are four things we suggest investors watch for this year, along with ideas for portfolio positioning.
Municipal Bonds Municipal market: How rates rise matters
At its May meeting, the U.S. Federal Reserve increased rates another 25 basis points. Many investors feel we are at or near the peak rate for this tightening cycle.
Fixed income Fixed income perspective: preferred securities
Preferred securities can offer higher income potential compared to other fixed income sectors.

1 Nuveen traces its history back to 1898 and TIAA was founded in 1918.

2 ANREV/INREV/NCREIF Fund Manager Survey 2022. Survey illustrated rankings of 143 fund managers globally by AUM as at 31 Dec 2021.

3 Nuveen, Morningstar Direct as of 31 Dec 2022. Based on total net assets of U.S. open end funds for the Nuveen Family of Funds and the TIAA CREF Funds, excluding exchange traded funds, money market funds and fund of funds. Based on a review of 630 fund families and 100 fund families with municipal bond assets.

4 Pensions & Investments, 06 Jun 2022. Rankings based on U.S. institutional tax-exempt assets under management as of 31 Dec 2021 reported by each responding asset manager; updated annually.

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