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Select Dividend Growth

Santa Barbara Asset Management

Strategy description

Select Dividend Growth leverages Santa Barbara’s fundamental research drawing from our domestic and international strategies, while optimizing the risk/reward profile to construct a concentrated portfolio of dividend-paying equities that have the fundamental strength for future dividend growth and capital appreciation.

Asset class: Global and international

For term definitions and index descriptions, please access the glossary in the footer

Portfolio at-a-glance

Benchmark MSCI World Index
Number of positions  20 – 25
Initial investable universe  $3B+
Position weight (approx. equal weighted at cost) 3 - 5%
Individual holding exposure 10% maximum
Developed market exposure Determined by opportunity
Emerging market exposure 10% maximum
Expected turnover 15 – 60%


Portfolio construction

Investment Universe

Company Evaluation

Analysts evaluate each company’s fundamentals and ranks for potential alpha generation considering:

Active Portfolio Construction

Portfolio Managers review analysts’ recommendations by:

Select Dividend Growth Portfolio

An opportunistic concentrated portfolio seeking to outperform the MSCI World Index.

Dividend growth chart



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Global Dividend Growth ADR
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International Dividend Growth ADR
A separately managed account (SMA) is a private portfolio of actively managed, individual securities that may be customized to achieve an individual investor's unique objectives.

SMA accounts typically require a minimum investment of $100,000 for equity and asset allocation strategies and $250,000 for fixed income strategies, although the specific minimum account size varies by program and may be subject to change. The manager may waive these minimums based on client type, asset class, pre-existing relationship with client and other factors. For certain accounts, a negotiated minimum annual fee applies. Please consult with your Nuveen Advisor Consultant for applicable minimums.

Check with your financial advisor for specific product availability and performance information. This information may change without notice. From time to time, we may close or reopen strategies.

A word on risk
All investments carry a certain degree of risk, including possible loss of principal, and there is no assurance that an investment will provide positive performance over any period of time. It is important to review investment objectives, risk tolerance, tax liability and liquidity needs before choosing an investment style or manager. Equity investments are subject to market risk or the risk that stocks will decline in response to such factors as adverse company news or industry developments or a general economic decline. A focus on dividend-paying securities presents the risks of greater exposure to certain economic sectors rather than the broad equity market (sector or concentration risk). Growth stocks or growth style investing may fall out of favor and underperform value stocks and other investing styles over any period of time. Certain sectors or growth stocks may shift characteristics over a long market cycle and may not perform in line with stated benchmarks. Smaller company stocks are subject to greater volatility. Foreign investments involve additional risks. The strategy’s potential investment in non-U.S. stocks presents risks such as political risk, exchange rate risk, lack of liquidity and inflationary risk, economic change, social unrest, changes in government relations, and different accounting standards. This strategy may invest in American Depositary Receipts (ADRs). ADRs do not eliminate the currency and economic risks for the underlying shares in another country. Dividends are not guaranteed and will fluctuate. Dividend yield is one component of performance and should not be the only consideration for investment.

Santa Barbara Asset Management, LLC is a registered investment adviser and an affiliate of Nuveen, LLC.