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Real Estate

2021-2022 Real Estate ESG Report

Cubed buildings in Boulogne-Billancourt, France

Tomorrow’s world strategy continues to drive value and change for Nuveen Real Estate

Our tomorrow's world strategy puts environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives at the center of our investment philosophy. This report sets out how that strategy addresses our ESG commitments as a responsible investor, driving both value and change.

2021-2022 highlights

Managing risks and driving value through ESG initiatives

Climate change and the impact it will have on our planet has become a global problem in the 21st century. We recognize the risks these issues present, and the impact they may have on real estate. 

Identifying the challenges real estates will face, varied by geography, weather and exposure to natural disaster, allows us to understand when and where these factors may have a financial impact on investors. This report examines these risks in greater detail, along with what risk mitigations can be introduced to drive opportunity in these same locations.

Climate is not the only factor in ESG initiatives however, and we demonstrate how surrounding megatrends are impacting real estate, introducing new facets of long-term value.

Investing in community: Affordable housing initiatives

The real estate sector is providing opportunities for unlocking value while simultaneously tackling a growing concern across the world: housing.

Our affordable housing initiative in the U.S., a part of our housing impact strategy, has seen 94% of our affordable housing investments remain deeply affordable for local residents. Almost 90% of these investments are provided with social services, giving access to physical and mental wellbeing facilities, while other community resources such as playgrounds and business centers are present in 20% of these affordable housing investments.

The report provides more information on this strategy and upcoming affordable housing investments in Germany and the U.K.

For a full breakdown of our ESG initiatives and the impact they are having across our real estate portfolio, download our full Nuveen Real Estate Annual ESG Report 2021-2022.

View the report

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