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Private real assets: Improving portfolio diversification with uncorrelated market exposure

Justin "Biff" Ourso
Head of Real Assets
John Goodreds
Managing Director, Investments and Portfolio Management, Nuveen Real Assets
Melissa Reagen
Head of Research, Americas, Nuveen Real Estate
Private Real Assets Hero Image

Portfolio analysis demonstrated private real assets’ potential to improve the risk-adjusted returns of traditional stock-bond portfolios.

Executive Summary

Real assets' performance impact - individually and combined  
Limited real assets exposure to 10% and 20% of traditional portfolios 

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Per Frederiksen
Per Frederiksen
Head of International Advisory Services, Continental Europe
Economic and market forecasts are subject to uncertainty and may change based on varying market conditions, political and economic developments. As an asset class, real assets are less developed, more illiquid, and less transparent compared to traditional asset classes. Investments will be subject to risks  generally associated with the ownership of real estate-related assets and foreign investing, including changes in economic conditions, currency values, environmental risks, the cost of and ability to obtain insurance, and risks related to leasing of properties. Diversification is a technique to help reduce risk. There is no guarantee that diversification will protect against a loss of income.