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How inclusive is infrastructure?

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Nuveen, in partnership with Infrastructure Investor, explores how investment firms are responding to the heightened awareness of diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) among both investors and employees.

In the report we identify a set of 11 questions that we consider investment firms should be asking themselves as they embrace DE&I. A cross-section of private markets firms, investors and ESG experts responded.

The 11 questions

  1. What does DE&I mean to you?
  2. How do you measure success?
  3. What is the link between DE&I and performance?
  4. Do your DE&I initiatives really work?
  5. How do you engage with investors?
  6. How do you support a multi-generational workforce?
  7. How do you ensure DE&I across the portfolio?
  8. What are the big challenges in meeting targets?
  9. How do you foster a sense of belonging?
  10.  How does DE&I factor into the transition to a low-carbon economy?
  11. How inclusive is your recruitment and talent development policy?

Download the report to learn more about how infrastructure is tackling the DE&I challenge.

View the full report

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