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Nuveen Natural Capital


About Nuveen Natural Capital

Nuveen Natural Capital is a land-focused asset management platform. Combining expertise across farmland and timberland investment specialists, we have over 35 years of land-based investing experience. With $9.7 billion of assets under management and 3 million acres across 600 properties in 10 countries, our platform is equipped to deliver investment solutions to protect and enhance nature, climate and people. 

Nuveen Natural Capital deploys a value-added mindset and regional hands-on management to land-based investments to advance best practices and help create sustainable production systems for food, fiber and timber.

of assets under management*
acres under management*
properties in 10 countries*
Nuveen Natural Capital 

Benefits of investing in natural capital

Land-based assets are uniquely positioned to help meet investors’ financial and climate objectives while contributing to solutions for the food, land and carbon challenges we face globally.

Nuveen Natural Capital investment strategies

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valley farmland
Renewable energy opportunities
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*Nuveen internal sources as of June 30, 2022.
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