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Real estate

Single-family rentals: Strong future demand drivers to propel sector outperformance

Overhead view of a suburban neighborhood

Sizable market opportunity

During the next decade, we believe institutional real estate portfolios will transform as investors gain more familiarity with single-family rentals and start increasing their allocations to them. Google Search Trends data (below) indicates that the search for “Single House for Rent” has significantly increased over the last decade, signaling the overall interest and curiosity in this property type from both potential renters and investors. We anticipate single-family rentals will play a more significant role in institutional real estate portfolios in the coming decades as investors have recognized their resiliency throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Before single-family rentals become a part-and-parcel component of institutional real estate portfolios, investors should consider adding them to their portfolios as a way to drive outperformance and generate enhanced returns.

Chart: Google search for single house for rent

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