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The solar coaster: The twists and turns of an evolving investment opportunity set

Don Dimitrievich
Portfolio Manager, Senior Managing Director, Energy Infrastructure Credit, Nuveen
A solar farm under a blue sky

Significant growth in electrification is required in the United States to meet decarbonization goals. According to the Department of Energy, the capacity of the existing U.S. grid will need to increase 57% by 2035.1 To support this additional electrification, annual capacity additions of 58–115 GW of clean energy generation (enough to power 43–86 million homes) will be required through 2050,2 underscoring the tremendous need for investment in electrification and associated supporting infrastructure, which is estimated to be $200B–$500B annually in the U.S. alone.

In a recent white paper, Don Dimitrievich examines the significant transformation the U.S. energy ecosystem is undergoing, and why credit can be an attractive strategy to capitalize on today’s infrastructure opportunity.

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1. “Draft 2023 National Transmission Needs Study” Grid Deployment Office, Department of Energy, April 2023
2. Conversion 1GW = 750,000 homes.

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