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Sustainable supply chain opportunities take center stage

Don Dimitrievich
Portfolio Manager, Senior Managing Director, Energy Infrastructure Credit, Nuveen
EIC Preqin

Given the backdrop of the Inflation Reduction Act’s passage in 2022, 15 months later this historic legislation is supercharging a resurgence of US manufacturing, particularly by supporting supply chain industries that facilitate the decarbonization of power generation and the broader economy. There is wide recognition that a significant increase in power generation will be required to decarbonize the economy – as much as two to three times more than current levels over the next two decades. The capital investment to achieve those targets for the US alone may be as high as $500bn to $1tn annually.1

Don Dimitrievich, Senior Managing Director and Portfolio Manager of Nuveen's Energy Infrastructure Credit business, discusses how the convergence of these factors could lead to a US manufacturing renaissance in the sustainable energy supply chain and present compelling investment opportunities for infrastructure debt investors.

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