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From a deep understanding of the structural trends that we believe will shape the future of real estate beyond market cycles, to local market forecasts and tactical recommendations, our market-leading real estate research capability allows us to incorporate strategic insights into every stage of our investment process.
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Real estate Commercial real estate in the global pandemic
Our experts assess global real estate markets and provide insights from both an immediate and long-term viewpoint, taking coronavirus development into account.
Real estate Perspectives on today’s real estate market
Studies estimate that an additional 26% (or $28 trillion) could be added to annual global GDP in 2025 if full gender equality was achieved.
Global Cities Why a short-term strategy needs a long-term philosophy
Value-add real estate strategies, often considered short-term, need more than mispriced opportunities to be successful.

Real estate trends

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Commercial real estate expertise
We are one of the largest global real estate investment managers with over 85 years of investing experience and $127 billion assets under management. Our platform offers unparalleled geographic reach, married with deep sector expertise, providing investors access to institutional-quality commercial real estate. 

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