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Symphony Asset Management

Golden Gate

About Symphony Asset Management

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Symphony Asset Management applies a team-based, event-focused approach to rigorous fundamental research, valuation and risk analysis across the corporate capital structure, identifying and translating relative value into desired risk/reward outcomes for clients.

  • Proven investment acumen: Informed investment decisions with a keen understanding of relative value and macroeconomic risk
  • Responsive client service: Exceeding the expectations and needs of clients, their advisors and consultants
  • Advanced systems and support: Adaptable infrastructure in ever-evolving investment, regulatory and technological landscapes

Our philosophy


Industry-focused, fundamental
research is key to making
investment decisions — each with
a clear investment thesis and time


Global economic outlook and
macro risks are critical
components of our investment
process to help attain the desired
risk-reward outcome for our


Team-based approach that spans the credit and equity investment groups promotes agility across the capital structure and recognition of relative value opportunities


Begins with deep understanding of the downside risk of each investment opportunity and is complemented by robust systems and processes monitoring systemic risk at the portfolio level

Risk management is paramount

  • Begins during individual company research and managed through the portfolio construction process
  • Overseen by dedicated committees focused on counterparties, valuation methodologies, and trade oversight
  • Enhanced by independent risk-management and compliance groups that evaluate regulatory and compliance risks

Client- focused, solution oriented

$18 B

Assets under management*


Investment professionals*

25 years

Offering integrated credit and equity solutions*

Our fixed income strategies

Public markets
  • Bank loans 
  • High yield
  • Convertible bonds
  • Multi-strategy credit
  • Long-short high yield credit
  • Convertible arbitrage
  • Opportunistic event driven
  • Structured products
  • Liquid alternatives

Our equity strategies

Public markets
  • Large-cap growth
  • Mid-cap core
  • Small-cap core
  • Low volatility
  • Market-neutral equity
  • Long-short equity
  • Liquid alternatives
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All investments involve risk and there is no assurance that an investment will provide positive performance over any period of time. There is no assurance that downside protection will be achieved. Symphony Asset Management is a registered investment adviser and an affiliate of Nuveen, LLC.

* As of 30 Jun 2019.