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U.S. Cities Office Fund

U.S. cities office


A sector-specific strategy focused on investing in institutional quality office assets with healthcare and technology themes.

Key features
  • Targeting U.S. cities we believe are best positioned for demographic and structural growth to generate resilient and durable income through market cycles
  • The unique investment strategy focuses on resilient themes centered around healthcare and technology to benefit from strong structural tailwinds in the STEM space
  • Deep market insight and expertise provided by our local investment and sector-specialized teams with an owner/operator approach to value enhancement

The U.S. Cities Office Fund is in a unique position to construct a portfolio of office, life science and medical office investments, well positioned for the post-covid future and is unburdened by legacy assets or legacy pricing.

Bill Abramowitz, Portfolio Manager, Head of Northeast & Midwest, Office, Americas

Global resilient series

The U.S. Cities Office Fund is part of our Global Resilient Series – six open end funds that are designed for diversification, income and long-term capital growth and takes advantage of Nuveen Real Estate’s unique combination of global reach and local execution.

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Dimitrios N. Stathopoulos
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