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Defined contribution

Nuveen’s Defined Contribution team has an unwavering commitment to helping plan participants achieve successful retirement outcomes. We believe everyone deserves a dignified retirement. As institutional investors ourselves, we face the same challenges as our clients and recognize the need for better, more diversified sources of income and capital appreciation and ways to deploy capital in a responsible and sustainable manner.

For over 100 years we have built successful, long-term, durable solutions to address these challenges and help millions of Americans get to and through retirement. We are committed to delivering durable solutions that will serve the needs of our clients for the next 100 years.

largest manager of defined contribution assets1
largest manager of target date fund assets2
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Christopher David
David Christopher
Managing Director,
Defined Contribution
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1 Pensions & Investments, 31 May 2018. Rankings based on institutional tax-exempt assets under management as of December 31, 2017 reported by each responding asset manager.
2 Morningstar, Inc. Data is as of December 31 2017; 2018 Target-Date Fund Landscape.