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2018 Social Security Quick Reference Brochure
This comprehensive resource intended for investors and advisors, provides an overview of important rates, includes descriptions of various strategies and summarizes key concepts pertaining to Social Security.
2018 Tax Facts Quick Reference Brochure
This resource provides a summary of key rates and thresholds impacting income, social security, estate, retirement and investment taxes for the 2018 tax year.
2018 Medicare Quick Reference Brochure
This brochure for investor and advisors provides an overview of Medicare parts, costs, eligibility and enrollment considerations.
Medicare "Quick Start" Guide
This one page guide provides an easy-to-understand summary of how and when people can enroll for Medicare coverage as well as important contact information and resources available to those applying for coverage.
Year-End Planning Checklist
This checklist provides advisors with a list of important issues and planning opportunities at year-end in the areas of income tax planning, transfer taxes, investment portfolios, and retirement planning.
Business Owners: Planning Needs from Startup to Succession
Business owners represent an important segment of the high net worth market. This paper explores five key issues critical to the success and succession of closely held business owners: business structure, valuation, liquidity, asset protection and business transition.
Providing Needs-Based Solutions for Managing Concentrated Stock Positions
This paper discusses ways in which advisors can help clients with concentrated positions. It underscores the importance of understanding the issue presented to a client because of the concentrated position- liquidity, diversification, hedging or wealth transfer - and then reviews strategies that can be used to solve that issue.
A Case for Diversification: A Hypothetical Historical Example
This briefing paper shows the experience of four hypothetical investors who followed very different investment strategies - one who always bought the previous year's best performing asset class, one who always bought the previous year's worst performing asset class, one who bought a diversified portfolio, and one who bought a diversified portfolio and rebalanced annually - over a 20 year period.
Retirement Planning Checklist
This pre-retirement planning and retirement checklist is for advisors to use to help clients who are nearing retirement. This checklist includes retirement planning considerations along with Social Security, Medicare and estate planning items.
Managing Retirement Income Through Economic and Market Cycles
This paper presents five decision rules designed to help advisors and clients deal with the uncontrollable variables of market performance and inflation during the retirement asset distribution phase.
Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT): Planning Considerations for Affluent Clients
The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) was enacted to ensure that all taxpayers pay their fair share of the costs of government. This paper discusses the effect of treating income and deduction items differently for purposes of calculating AMT, illustrates the importance of multi-year planning and suggests strategies for reducing client’s potential AMT exposure.
Net Unrealized Appreciation: A Tax-Wise Treatment for Employer Securities Distributed from a Qualified Plan
This white paper explains the NUA strategy, identifies who might consider utilizing the strategy, discusses factors that may impact the decision to elect NUA, and notes additional considerations regarding the proper execution of the strategy.
Asset Allocation - Risk and Reward 1926-2016
As investors and advisors seek to allocate assets according to risk and return objectives, a historical perspective on the value of diversification may be useful. This paper includes a chart with a wealth of annual return statistics and measures for a range of asset class mixes (stocks, bonds, cash) plus an illustration of the range of returns produced by those asset class mixes.
Retirement Distribution Decision Rules Tool
This tool calculates hypothetical distribution amounts from clients’ retirement portfolios using decision rules based on economic and client-specific factors. Advisor provides a series of inputs each year, and the tool calculates the retirement distribution rules and amounts based on those inputs and creates a client-ready printable report with helpful data points for the current year and past years.
Where Assets Are Owned Can Be As Important as the Type of Assets Owned
This paper discusses the impact tax treatment can have on assets placed in different account types. Hypothetical examples demonstrate the potential benefits of asset location strategies among taxable, tax-deferred and tax-exempt accounts.
Medicare: The Parts and Plans of Retiree Healthcare
This paper guides investors and advisors through the complex world of Medicare. It explains traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage, including coverage areas, strategies and costs; it lays out the different enrollment requirements, periods and penalties; and it includes resources to help with the choices and problems participants may confront when navigating Medicare’s different options.
2017 Tax Planning Strategies
This paper delivers an overview of current tax provisions and potential strategies most relevant to benefit high net worth individuals and families.
A Guide to Social Security: Know Your Options, Maximize Your Benefits
A briefing paper providing ways to maximize your benefits from Social Security, including how to qualify for benefits, how retirement age impacts lifetime benefits, discussion of average benefit amounts as well as tax issues related to program benefits.
Navigating Stock Option Alternatives
Stock options are an important component of executive compensation. This white paper address employee stock option fundamentals, sophisticated strategies, case studies and provides a useful framework to help advisors establish the client’s objectives and guide their strategies.

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