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Family Offices: Potential Competition, Clients and Role Models for High Net Worth Advisors
This white paper defines the different types of family offices and how an advisor might best work with them, suggests considerations advisors should have about them, including prospecting them as clients or facing them as competition, and provides a checklist to compare family office services to an advisor's existing service model.
Caring for Elders: Options and Costs
This briefing paper provides an overview of the available options for responsible elder care including descriptions of assisted living, independent living, skilled nursing, and home health care options. Additionally, the paper covers insurance coverage as it relates to elder care including Medicare, Medicaid, and long-term care insurance.
Developing A College Funding Strategy
This briefing paper provides helpful information for parents and grandparents seeking to fund a child’s college education by saving and investing. It provides detailed explanations and comparisons of various savings vehicles including 529 Savings Plans, Coverdell Education Accounts, UGMA/UMTA accounts, and traditional and Roth IRAs. Topics also include projected costs for private and public colleges through 2035 and basics of the financial aid process.
Family Wealth Education: Curriculum
This workbook titled Family Wealth Education: Curriculum, accompanies WMS’s suite of Family Wealth Education material with the goal assisting financial professionals develop a successful Family Wealth Education program and to end the widespread wealth transfer destruction cycle. This workbook introduces various lesson plans and curriculum for children of all ages, focusing specifically on building and strengthening financial intelligence, intellectual maturity and social responsible characteristics.
Financial Planning for Same-Sex Couples in 2017
In recent years, court decisions have made same-sex marriage legal throughout the United States. This briefing paper offers various actionable ideas and issues that same-sex married couples and their financial advisors can use as a basis to develop a financial plan. Topics highlighted include: Taxes, social security, retirement benefits, IRAs, and estate planning.
Family Wealth Education: From Theory to Practice Workbook
This workbook was designed with the goal of assisting financial advisors in developing a successful Family Wealth Education program and to end the widespread wealth transfer destruction cycle. This comprehensive, step-by-step program guides advisors through the implementation phase of the Family Wealth Education process—how the advisors need to prepare themselves, effectively working with and educating parents, and the best approaches to use with the younger family members. This workbook also contains sample curricula, examples and wealth of resources for advisors, parents and children. Family Wealth Education: From Theory to Practice, will provide advisors with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively work with their high net worth clients to facilitate a smooth and successful family wealth transfer.
Family Wealth Education: A Resource Toolkit for Financial Advisors
This paper provides comprehensive resources advisors can use to help affluent clients with family wealth education. It discusses the need for family wealth education, provides specific suggestions and agendas for creating and delivering a wealth education program and includes an extensive list of additional resources.
Family Wealth Education Workshop
This workshop is a hands-on booklet filled with activities and exercises designed to help high net worth families address issues surrounding the wealth transfer process. Such issues include how parents should communicate wealth transfer matters with children, how their children will behave once they receive the funds and what will happen to the family fortune once it is no longer in their control. The workshop highlights the importance of family wealth education for all members, tips for promoting family unity and guidelines for preparing “Family Mission Statements”.
Engaging Clients in Philanthropic Dialogue: An Essential Conversation for the Financial Advisor
This paper is a comprehensive resource of information and tools for advisors. It includes information on the patterns of giving among the wealthy, their motivations to give and an overview of giving strategies and structures. Important components are tools to help advisors move from theory into action including sample questions that can be used to start a dialogue with clients, how to create a philanthropic philosophy statement and a list of resources.
Legacy Letters Tool
This tool is intended to facilitate management and provoke discussion of the softer aspects of a legacy - including documenting memories and philosophy - in a guided and organized manner. It provides a forum where you can express your emotions and wishes, as well as a place to record the thoughts, memories and feelings you want your loved ones to know and remember long after you are gone.
Legacy Organizer Tool
The key components for building a legacy can be confusing to manage and difficult to discuss. This tool is intended to facilitate management and provoke discussion of your legacy in a guided and organized manner. Realizing that administrative concerns often unduly burden a family during times of mourning, this Legacy Organizer tool is designed to help facilitate the administrative handling of your estate and ease the burden on your loved ones during times of transition.
Identity Theft: Be Aware and Be Prepared
This paper outlines the significant size and cost of identity theft, ways to minimize the risk of becoming a victim and steps to take to limit damage if identity theft occurs. A list of useful resources is also included.

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