Continuing Education

Continuing Education Offerings

Nuveen Wealth Management Services' expertise and valued client support has cultivated sponsorships with IMCA, CFP, and CPA/CPE boards to provide an added benefit for attending our sessions. Listed below are the programs offering continuing education. All programs below offer 1 hour of CE unless otherwise indicated.

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Program Title CFP IMCA CPA/CPE
Retirement Income: Hatching a Nest Egg X X X
Business Owners X X X
Tax Planning Strategies X X X
Employee Stock Options X X X
Net Unrealized Appreciation X X X
Concentrated Stock Positions X X X
Advanced Investment Consulting Workshop (7 credit hrs.) X X X
Essential Performance Metrics X X X
Estate Planning X X X
Liquid Alternatives (1.5 credit hrs.) X X X
Behavioral Finance X X X
Financial Planning for Corporate Executives (2 credit hrs.) X X X
Advanced Wealth Management Workshop (7 credit hrs.) X X X
Future of Portfolio Construction X X X
Donor Advised Funds X X X
Medicare X X X
Liquidity Events X X
Alternative Minimum Tax X X
High Net Worth Case Study (2.5 credit hrs.) X X
Yale University Endowment X X
Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule * X X
Preparing Your Practice for Success in a Post-DOL World X X
Frameworks for Giving X X
Family Wealth Education X X
Family Offices X
Attracting and Serving Today’s High-Net-Worth Investor X X
Integrating Responsible Investing X X X

Please note these presentations have been registered with the boards as live sessions and cannot be purchased for credit. This resource is primarily to note the additional offerings our team provides.

* May also provide Ethics continuing education credits

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