Unit Trusts


Trust Prior to 2002

Find pricing information on Nuveen unit trusts offered prior to 2002. These legacy Nuveen unit trusts are either secondary or terminated portfolios.

PortfolioCUSIPBidParTermination Date
Ohio 084M: 670910793
Q: 670910801
S: 670910819
Ohio 085M: 670911197
Q: 670911205
S: 670911213
Ohio 086M: 670911346
Q: 670911353
S: 670911361
Ohio 087M: 670911460
Q: 670911478
S: 670911486
Ohio 088M: 670911585
Q: 670911593
S: 670911601
Ohio 089M: 670911791
Q: 670911809
S: 670911817
Ohio 092M: 670913524
Q: 670913532
S: 670913540
Ohio 093M: 670913706
Q: 670913714
S: 670913722
Ohio 094M: 670913854
Q: 670913862
S: 670913870
Ohio 099M: 670915198
Q: 670915206
S: 670915214
Ohio 101M: 670915511
Q: 670915529
S: 670915537
Ohio 104M: 670917376
Q: 670917384
S: 670917392
Ohio 106M: 670917673
Q: 670917681
S: 670917699
Ohio 113M: 670919372
Q: 670919380
S: 670919398
Ohio 114M: 670919521
Q: 670919539
S: 670919547
Ohio 120M: 67023D285
Q: 67023D293
S: 67023D301
Ohio 122M: 67023D640
Q: 67023D657
S: 67023D665
Ohio 129M: 67063E433
Q: 67063E441
S: 67063E458
Ohio 131M: 67063E821
Q: 67063E839
S: 67063E847
Ohio 134M: 67063F760
Q: 67063F778
S: 67063F786
Ohio 136M: 67063G438
Q: 67063G446
S: 67063G453
Ohio 139M: 67063H584
Q: 67063H592
S: 67063H600
Ohio 143M: 67063J762
Q: 67063J770
S: 67063J788
Ohio 146M: 67063K645
Q: 67063K652
S: 67063K660
Ohio 149M: 67063L460
Q: 67063L478
S: 67063L486
Ohio 153M: 67063M559
Q: 67063M567
S: 67063M575
Ohio 155M: 67064K289
Q: 67064K297
S: 67064K305
Ohio 156M: 67064K529
Q: 67064K537
S: 67064K545
Ohio 159M: 67064L196
Q: 67064L204
S: 67064L212
Ohio 163M: 67064M319
Q: 67064M327
S: 67064M335
Ohio 165M: 67064M616
Q: 67064M624
S: 67064M632
Ohio 168M: 67064N408
Q: 67064N416
S: 67064N424
Ohio 172M: 67064P221
Q: 67064P239
S: 67064P247
Ohio 177M: 670959139
Q: 670959147
S: 670959154
Ohio 178M: 670959162
Q: 670959170
S: 670959188
Ohio 182M: 670959287
Q: 670959295
S: 670959303
Ohio 183M: 670959311
Q: 670959329
S: 670959337
Ohio 184M: 670959345
Q: 670959352
S: 670959360
Ohio 185M: 670959378
Q: 670959386
S: 670959394
Ohio 186M: 670959402
Q: 670959410
S: 670959428
Ohio 190M: 670959527
Q: 670959535
S: 670959543
Ohio 195M: 670959675
Q: 670959683
S: 670959691
Ohio Insured 003M: 67096D162
Q: 67096D170
S: 67096D188
Ohio Insured 006M: 67096D253
Q: 67096D261
S: 67096D279
Ohio Insured 007M: 67096D287
Q: 67096D295
S: 67096D303
Ohio Insured 008M: 67096D311
Q: 67096D329
S: 67096D337
Ohio Insured 009M: 67096D345
Q: 67096D352
S: 67096D360
Ohio Insured 010M: 67096D378
Q: 67096D386
S: 67096D394
Ohio Insured 011M: 67096D402
Q: 67096D410
S: 67096D428
Ohio Insured 016M: 67096D550
Q: 67096D568
S: 67096D576
Ohio Insured 022M: 67096D733
Q: 67096D741
S: 67096D758
Ohio Insured 024M: 67096D790
Q: 67096D808
S: 67096D816
Ohio Insured 025M: 67096D824
Q: 67096D832
S: 67096D840
Ohio Insured 026M: 67096D857
Q: 67096D865
S: 67096D873
Ohio Insured 027M: 67096E103
Q: 67096E111
S: 67096E129
Ohio Insured 029M: 67096E160
Q: 67096E178
S: 67096E186
Ohio Insured 030M: 67096E194
Q: 67096E202
S: 67096E210
Ohio Insured 031M: 67096E228
Q: 67096E236
S: 67096E244
Ohio Insured 032M: 67096E251
Q: 67096E269
S: 67096E277
Ohio Insured 033M: 67096E285
Q: 67096E293
S: 67096E301
Ohio Insured 034M: 67096E319
Q: 67096E327
S: 67096E335
Ohio Insured 035M: 67096E343
Q: 67096E350
S: 67096E368
Ohio Insured 036M: 67096E376
Q: 67096E384
S: 67096E392
Ohio Insured 037M: 67096E400
Q: 67096E418
S: 67096E426
Ohio Insured 038M: 67096E434
Q: 67096E442
S: 67096E459
Ohio Insured 039M: 67096E467
Q: 67096E475
S: 67096E483
Ohio Insured 040M: 67096E491
Q: 67096E509
S: 67096E517
Ohio Insured 042M: 67096E558
Q: 67096E566
S: 67096E574
Ohio Insured 043M: 67096E582
Q: 67096E590
S: 67096E608
Ohio Insured 044M: 67096E616
Q: 67096E624
S: 67096E632
Ohio Insured 045M: 67096E640
Q: 67096E657
S: 67096E665
Ohio Insured 046M: 67096E673
Q: 67096E681
S: 67096E699
Ohio Insured 047M: 67096E707
Q: 67096E715
S: 67096E723
Ohio Insured 048M: 67096E731
Q: 67096E749
S: 67096E756
Ohio Insured 049M: 67096E764
Q: 67096E772
S: 67096E780
Ohio Insured 050M: 67096E798
Q: 67096E806
S: 67096E814
Ohio Insured 051M: 67096E822
Q: 67096E830
S: 67096E848
Ohio Insured 052M: 67096E855
Q: 67096E863
S: 67096E871
Ohio Insured 053M: 67096F100
Q: 67096F118
S: 67096F126
Ohio Insured 054M: 67096F134
Q: 67096F142
S: 67096F159
Ohio Insured 055M: 67096F167
Q: 67096F175
S: 67096F183
Ohio Insured 056M: 67096F191
Q: 67096F209
S: 67096F217
Ohio Insured 057M: 67096F225
Q: 67096F233
S: 67096F241
Ohio Insured 058M: 67096F258
Q: 67096F266
S: 67096F274
Ohio Insured 059M: 67096F282
Q: 67096F290
S: 67096F308
Ohio Insured 060M: 67096F316
Q: 67096F324
S: 67096F332
Ohio Insured 061M: 67096F340
Q: 67096F357
S: 67096F365
Ohio Insured 062M: 67096F373
Q: 67096F381
S: 67096F399
Ohio Insured 063M: 67096F407
Q: 67096F415
S: 67096F423
Ohio Insured 064M: 67096F431
Q: 67096F449
S: 67096F456
Ohio Insured 065M: 67096F464
Q: 67096F472
S: 67096F480
Ohio Insured 066M: 67096F498
Q: 67096F506
S: 67096F514
Ohio Insured 067M: 67096F522
Q: 67096F530
S: 67096F548
Ohio Insured 068M: 67096F555
Q: 67096F563
S: 67096F571
Ohio Insured 069M: 67096F589
Q: 67096F597
S: 67096F605
Ohio Insured 070M: 67096F613
Q: 67096F621
S: 67096F639
Ohio Insured 071M: 67096F647
Q: 67096F654
S: 67096F662
Ohio Insured 072M: 67096F670
Q: 67096F688
S: 67096F696
Ohio Insured 073M: 67096F704
Q: 67096F712
S: 67096F720
Ohio Insured 074M: 67096F738
Q: 67096F746
S: 67096F753
Ohio Insured 075M: 67096F761
Q: 67096F779
S: 67096F787
Ohio Insured 076M: 67096F795
Q: 67096F803
S: 67096F811
Ohio Insured 077M: 67096F829
Q: 67096F837
S: 67096F845
Ohio Insured 078M: 67096F852
Q: 67096F860
S: 67096F878
Ohio Insured 079M: 67096G108
Q: 67096G116
S: 67096G124
Ohio Insured 080M: 67096G132
Q: 67096G140
S: 67096G157
Ohio Insured 081M: 67096G165
Q: 67096G173
S: 67096G181
Ohio Insured 082M: 67096G199
Q: 67096G207
S: 67096G215
Ohio Insured 083M: 67096G223
Q: 67096G231
S: 67096G249
Ohio Insured 084M: 67096G256
Q: 67096G264
S: 67096G272
Ohio Insured 085M: 67096G280
Q: 67096G298
S: 67096G306
Ohio Insured 086M: 67096G314
Q: 67096G322
S: 67096G330
Ohio Insured 087M: 67096G348
Q: 67096G355
S: 67096G363
Ohio Insured 088M: 67096G371
Q: 67096G389
S: 67096G397
Ohio Insured 089M: 67096G405
Q: 67096G413
S: 67096G421
Ohio Insured 090M: 67096G439
Q: 67096G447
S: 67096G454
Ohio Insured 091M: 67096G462
Q: 67096G470
S: 67096G488
Ohio Insured 092M: 67096G496
Q: 67096G504
S: 67096G512
Ohio Insured 093M: 67096G520
Q: 67096G538
S: 67096G546
Ohio Insured 094M: 67096G553
Q: 67096G561
S: 67096G579
Ohio Insured 095M: 67096G587
Q: 67096G595
S: 67096G603
Ohio Insured 096M: 67096G611
Q: 67096G629
S: 67096G637
Ohio Insured 097M: 67096G645
Q: 67096G652
S: 67096G660
Ohio Insured 098M: 67096G678
Q: 67096G686
S: 67096G694
Ohio Insured 099M: 67096G702
Q: 67096G710
S: 67096G728
Ohio Insured 100M: 67096G736
Q: 67096G744
S: 67096G751
Ohio Insured 101M: 67096G769
Q: 67096G777
S: 67096G785
Ohio Insured 102M: 67096G793
Q: 67096G801
S: 67096G819
Ohio Insured 103M: 67096G827
Q: 67096G835
S: 67096G843
Ohio Insured 104M: 67096G850
Q: 67096G868
S: 67096G876
Ohio Insured 105M: 67101Y102
Q: 67101Y110
S: 67101Y128
Ohio Insured 106M: 67101Y136
Q: 67101Y144
S: 67101Y151
Ohio Insured 107M: 67101Y169
Q: 67101Y177
S: 67101Y185
Ohio Insured 108M: 67101Y193
Q: 67101Y201
S: 67101Y219
Ohio Insured 109M: 67101Y227
Q: 67101Y235
S: 67101Y243
Ohio Insured 110M: 67101Y250
Q: 67101Y268
S: 67101Y276
Ohio Insured 111M: 67101Y284
Q: 67101Y292
S: 67101Y300
Ohio Insured 112M: 67101Y318
Q: 67101Y326
S: 67101Y334
Ohio Insured 113M: 67101Y342
Q: 67101Y359
S: 67101Y367
Ohio Insured 114M: 67101Y375
Q: 67101Y383
S: 67101Y391
Ohio Insured 115M: 67101Y409
Q: 67101Y417
S: 67101Y425
Ohio Insured 116M: 67101Y433
Q: 67101Y441
S: 67101Y458
Ohio Insured 117M: 67101Y466
Q: 67101Y474
S: 67101Y482
Ohio Insured 118M: 67101Y490
Q: 67101Y508
S: 67101Y516
Ohio Insured 119M: 67101Y524
Q: 67101Y532
S: 67101Y540
Ohio Insured 120M: 67101Y557
Q: 67101Y565
S: 67101Y573
Ohio Insured 121M: 67101Y581
Q: 67101Y599
S: 67101Y607
Ohio Insured 122M: 67101Y615
Q: 67101Y623
S: 67101Y631
Ohio Insured 123M: 67101Y649
Q: 67101Y656
S: 67101Y664
Ohio Insured 124M: 67101Y672
Q: 67101Y680
S: 67101Y698
Ohio Insured 125M: 67101Y706
Q: 67101Y714
S: 67101Y722
Ohio Insured 126M: 67101Y730
Q: 67101Y748
S: 67101Y755
Ohio Insured 127M: 67101Y763
Q: 67101Y771
S: 67101Y789
Ohio Insured 128M: 67101Y797
Q: 67101Y805
S: 67101Y813
Ohio Insured 129M: 67101Y821
Q: 67101Y839
S: 67101Y847
Ohio Insured 130M: 67101Y854
Q: 67101Y862
S: 67101Y870
Ohio Insured 131M: 67102G100
Q: 67102G118
S: 67102G126
Ohio Insured 132M: 67102G134
Q: 67102G142
S: 67102G159
Ohio Insured 133M: 67102G167
Q: 67102G175
S: 67102G183
Ohio Insured 134M: 67102G191
Q: 67102G209
S: 67102G217
Ohio Insured 135M: 67102G225
Q: 67102G233
S: 67102G241
Ohio Insured 136M: 67102G258
Q: 67102G266
S: 67102G274
Ohio Insured 137M: 67102G282
Q: 67102G290
S: 67102G308
Ohio Insured 138M: 67102G316
Q: 67102G324
S: 67102G332
Ohio Insured 139M: 67102G340
Q: 67102G357
S: 67102G365
Ohio Insured 140M: 67102G373
Q: 67102G381
S: 67102G399
Ohio Insured 141M: 67102G407
Q: 67102G415
S: 67102G423
Ohio Insured 142M: 67102G431
Q: 67102G449
S: 67102G456
Ohio Insured 143M: 67102G464
Q: 67102G472
S: 67102G480
Ohio Insured 144M: 67102G498
Q: 67102G506
S: 67102G514
Ohio Insured 145M: 67102G522
Q: 67102G530
S: 67102G548
Ohio Insured 146M: 67102G555
Q: 67102G563
S: 67102G571
Ohio Insured 147M: 67102G589
Q: 67102G597
S: 67102G605
Ohio Insured 148M: 67102G613
Q: 67102G621
S: 67102G639
Ohio Insured 149M: 67102G647
Q: 67102G654
S: 67102G662
Ohio Insured 150M: 67102G670
Q: 67102G688
S: 67102G696
Ohio Insured 151M: 67102G704
Q: 67102G712
S: 67102G720
Ohio Insured 152M: 67102G738
Q: 67102G746
S: 67102G753
Ohio Insured 153M: 67102G761
Q: 67102G779
S: 67102G787
Ohio Insured 154M: 67102G795
Q: 67102G803
S: 67102G811
Ohio Insured 155M: 67102G829
Q: 67102G837
S: 67102G845
Ohio Insured 156M: 67102G852
Q: 67102G860
S: 67102G878
Ohio Insured 157M: 67102M107
Q: 67102M115
S: 67102M123
Ohio Insured 158M: 67102M131
Q: 67102M149
S: 67102M156
Ohio Insured 159M: 67102M164
Q: 67102M172
S: 67102M180
Ohio Insured 160M: 67102M198
Q: 67102M206
S: 67102M214
Ohio Insured 161M: 67102M222
Q: 67102M230
S: 67102M248
Ohio Insured 162M: 67102M255
Q: 67102M263
S: 67102M271
Ohio Insured 163M: 67102M289
Q: 67102M297
S: 67102M305
Ohio Insured 164M: 67102M313
Q: 67102M321
S: 67102M339
Ohio Insured 165M: 67102M347
Q: 67102M354
S: 67102M362
Ohio Insured 166M: 67102M370
Q: 67102M388
S: 67102M396
Ohio Insured 167M: 67102M404
Q: 67102M412
S: 67102M420
Ohio Insured 168M: 67102M438
Q: 67102M446
S: 67102M453
Ohio Insured 169M: 67102M461
Q: 67102M479
S: 67102M487
Ohio Insured 170M: 67102M495
Q: 67102M503
S: 67102M511
Ohio Insured 171M: 67102M529
Q: 67102M537
S: 67102M545
Ohio Insured 172M: 67102M552
Q: 67102M560
S: 67102M578
Ohio Insured 173M: 67102M586
Q: 67102M594
S: 67102M602
Ohio Insured 174M: 67102M610
Q: 67102M628
S: 67102M636
Ohio Insured 175M: 67102M644
Q: 67102M651
S: 67102M669
Ohio Insured 176M: 67102M677
Q: 67102M685
S: 67102M693
Ohio Insured 177M: 67102M701
Q: 67102M719
S: 67102M727
Ohio Insured 178M: 67102M735
Q: 67102M743
S: 67102M750
Ohio Insured 179M: 67102M768
Q: 67102M776
S: 67102M784
Ohio Insured 180M: 67102M792
Q: 67102M800
S: 67102M818
Ohio Insured 181M: 67102M826
Q: 67102M834
S: 67102M842
Ohio Insured 182M: 67102M859
Q: 67102M867
S: 67102M875
Ohio Insured 183M: 67069E106
Q: 67069E114
S: 67069E122
Ohio Insured 184M: 67069E130
Q: 67069E148
S: 67069E155
Ohio Insured 185M: 67069E163
Q: 67069E171
S: 67069E189
Ohio Insured 186M: 67069E197
Q: 67069E205
S: 67069E213
Ohio Insured 187M: 67069E221
Q: 67069E239
S: 67069E247
Ohio Insured 188M: 67069E254
Q: 67069E262
S: 67069E270
Ohio Insured 189M: 67069E288
Q: 67069E296
S: 67069E304
Ohio Insured 190M: 67069E312
Q: 67069E320
S: 67069E338
Ohio Insured 191M: 67069E346
Q: 67069E353
S: 67069E361
Ohio Insured 192M: 67069E379
Q: 67069E387
S: 67069E395
Ohio Insured 193M: 67069E403
Q: 67069E411
S: 67069E429
Ohio Insured 194M: 67069E437
Q: 67069E445
S: 67069E452
Ohio Insured 195M: 67069E460
Q: 67069E478
S: 67069E486
Ohio Insured 196M: 67069E494
Q: 67069E502
S: 67069E510
Ohio Insured 197M: 67069E528
Q: 67069E536
S: 67069E544
Ohio Insured 198M: 67069E551
Q: 67069E569
S: 67069E577
Ohio Insured 199M: 67069E585
Q: 67069E593
S: 67069E601
Ohio Insured 200M: 67069E619
Q: 67069E627
S: 67069E635

*Percent change from previous day is based on the bid price.

**Estimated Current Return ("ECR") is computed by dividing the net annual interest income, after annual expenses, by the public offering price.

**Estimated Long-Term Returns ("ELTR") represents an average of the yields to maturity (or call) of the bonds in the Trust's portfolio under accepted bond practice, adjusted to reflect expenses and the Trust's applicable sales charges. ECR and ELTR calculations are based on the current market value of the bonds in a Trust's portfolio and thus these perfermance measures will fluctuate with market changes or changes in the composition of the Trust's portfolio.

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