Unit Trusts


Trust Prior to 2002

Find pricing information on Nuveen unit trusts offered prior to 2002. These legacy Nuveen unit trusts are either secondary or terminated portfolios.

PortfolioCUSIPBidParTermination Date
Arizona 130M: 67063E524
Q: 67063E532
S: 67063E540
Arizona 135M: 67063G107
Q: 67063G115
S: 67063G123
Arizona 139M: 67063H378
Q: 67063H386
S: 67063H394
Arizona 144M: 67063K108
Q: 67063K116
S: 67063K124
Arizona 148M: 67063L106
Q: 67063L114
S: 67063L122
Arizona 151M: 67063L494
Q: 67063L502
S: 67063L510
Arizona 157M: 67064K586
Q: 67064K594
S: 67064K602
Arizona 161M: 67064L436
Q: 67064L444
S: 67064L451
Arizona 166M: 67064N101
Q: 67064N119
S: 67064N127
Arizona 176M: 67093W106
Q: 67093W114
S: 67093W122
Arizona 177M: 67093W130
Q: 67093W148
S: 67093W155
Arizona 184M: 67093W346
Q: 67093W353
S: 67093W361
Arizona 185M: 67093W379
Q: 67093W387
S: 67093W395
Arizona 186M: 67093W403
Q: 67093W411
S: 67093W429
Arizona 187M: 67093W437
Q: 67093W445
S: 67093W452
Arizona 188M: 67093W460
Q: 67093W478
S: 67093W486
Arizona 189M: 67093W494
Q: 67093W502
S: 67093W510
Arizona 192M: 67093W585
Q: 67093W593
S: 67093W601
Arizona 208M: 67093X286
Q: 67093X294
S: 67093X302
Arizona 212M: 67093X401
Q: 67093X419
S: 67093X427
Arizona 213M: 67093X435
Q: 67093X443
S: 67093X450
Arizona 214M: 67093X468
Q: 67093X476
S: 67093X484
Arizona 215M: 67093X492
Q: 67093X500
S: 67093X518
Arizona 216M: 67093X526
Q: 67093X534
S: 67093X542
Arizona 217M: 67093X559
Q: 67093X567
S: 67093X575
Arizona 218M: 67093X583
Q: 67093X591
S: 67093X609
Arizona Insured 001M: 67100T104
Q: 67100T112
S: 67100T120
Arizona Insured 002M: 67100T138
Q: 67100T146
S: 67100T153
Arizona Insured 003M: 67100T161
Q: 67100T179
S: 67100T187
Arizona Insured 004M: 67100T195
Q: 67100T203
S: 67100T211
Arizona Insured 005M: 67100T229
Q: 67100T237
S: 67100T245
Arizona Insured 006M: 67100T252
Q: 67100T260
S: 67100T278
Arizona Insured 007M: 67100T286
Q: 67100T294
S: 67100T302
Arizona Insured 008M: 67100T310
Q: 67100T328
S: 67100T336
Arizona Insured 009M: 67100T344
Q: 67100T351
S: 67100T369
Arizona Insured 010M: 67100T377
Q: 67100T385
S: 67100T393
Arizona Insured 011M: 67100T401
Q: 67100T419
S: 67100T427
Arizona Insured 012M: 67100T435
Q: 67100T443
S: 67100T450
Arizona Insured 013M: 67100T468
Q: 67100T476
S: 67100T484
Arizona Insured 014M: 67100T492
Q: 67100T500
S: 67100T518
Arizona Insured 015M: 67100T526
Q: 67100T534
S: 67100T542
Arizona Insured 016M: 67100T559
Q: 67100T567
S: 67100T575
Arizona Insured 017M: 67100T583
Q: 67100T591
S: 67100T609
Arizona Insured 018M: 67100T617
Q: 67100T625
S: 67100T633
Arizona Insured 019M: 67100T641
Q: 67100T658
S: 67100T666
Arizona Insured 020M: 67100T674
Q: 67100T682
S: 67100T690
Arizona Insured 021M: 67100T708
Q: 67100T716
S: 67100T724
Arizona Insured 022M: 67100T732
Q: 67100T740
S: 67100T757
Arizona Insured 023M: 67100T765
Q: 67100T773
S: 67100T781
Arizona Insured 024M: 67100T799
Q: 67100T807
S: 67100T815
Arizona Insured 025M: 67100T823
Q: 67100T831
S: 67100T849
Arizona Insured 026M: 67100T856
Q: 67100T864
S: 67100T872
Arizona Insured 027M: 67101J105
Q: 67101J113
S: 67101J121
Arizona Insured 028M: 67101J139
Q: 67101J147
S: 67101J154
Arizona Insured 029M: 67101J162
Q: 67101J170
S: 67101J188
Arizona Insured 030M: 67101J196
Q: 67101J204
S: 67101J212
Arizona Insured 031M: 67101J220
Q: 67101J238
S: 67101J246
Arizona Insured 032M: 67101J253
Q: 67101J261
S: 67101J279
Arizona Insured 033M: 67101J287
Q: 67101J295
S: 67101J303
Arizona Insured 034M: 67101J311
Q: 67101J329
S: 67101J337
Arizona Insured 035M: 67101J345
Q: 67101J352
S: 67101J360
Arizona Insured 036M: 67101J378
Q: 67101J386
S: 67101J394
Arizona Insured 037M: 67101J402
Q: 67101J410
S: 67101J428
Arizona Insured 038M: 67101J436
Q: 67101J444
S: 67101J451
Arizona Insured 039M: 67101J469
Q: 67101J477
S: 67101J485
Arizona Insured 040M: 67101J493
Q: 67101J501
S: 67101J519
Arizona Insured 041M: 67101J527
Q: 67101J535
S: 67101J543
Arizona Insured 042M: 67101J550
Q: 67101J568
S: 67101J576
Arizona Insured 043M: 67101J584
Q: 67101J592
S: 67101J600
Arizona Insured 044M: 67101J618
Q: 67101J626
S: 67101J634
Arizona Insured 045M: 67101J642
Q: 67101J659
S: 67101J667
Arizona Insured 046M: 67101J675
Q: 67101J683
S: 67101J691
Arizona Insured 047M: 67101J709
Q: 67101J717
S: 67101J725
Arizona Insured 048M: 67101J733
Q: 67101J741
S: 67101J758
Arizona Insured 049M: 67101J766
Q: 67101J774
S: 67101J782
Arizona Insured 050M: 67101J790
Q: 67101J808
S: 67101J816
Arizona Insured 051M: 67101J824
Q: 67101J832
S: 67101J840
Arizona Insured 052M: 67101J857
Q: 67101J865
S: 67101J873
Arizona Insured 053M: 67102A103
Q: 67102A111
S: 67102A129
Arizona Insured 055M: 67102A160
Q: 67102A178
S: 67102A186
Arizona Insured 056M: 67102A194
Q: 67102A202
S: 67102A210
Arizona Insured 057M: 67102A228
Q: 67102A236
S: 67102A244
Arizona Insured 058M: 67102A251
Q: 67102A269
S: 67102A277
Arizona Insured 059M: 67102A285
Q: 67102A293
S: 67102A301
Arizona Insured 060M: 67102A319
Q: 67102A327
S: 67102A335
Arizona Insured 061M: 67102A343
Q: 67102A350
S: 67102A368
Arizona Insured 062M: 67102A376
Q: 67102A384
S: 67102A392
Arizona Insured 063M: 67102A400
Q: 67102A418
S: 67102A426
Arizona Insured 064M: 67102A434
Q: 67102A442
S: 67102A459
Arizona Insured 065M: 67102A467
Q: 67102A475
S: 67102A483
Arizona Insured 066M: 67102A491
Q: 67102A509
S: 67102A517
Arizona Insured 067M: 67102A525
Q: 67102A533
S: 67102A541
Arizona Insured 068M: 67102A558
Q: 67102A566
S: 67102A574
Arizona Insured 069M: 67102A582
Q: 67102A590
S: 67102A608
Arizona Insured 070M: 67102A616
Q: 67102A624
S: 67102A632
Arizona Insured 071M: 67102A640
Q: 67102A657
S: 67102A665
Arizona Insured 072M: 67102A673
Q: 67102A681
S: 67102A699
Arizona Insured 073M: 67102A707
Q: 67102A715
S: 67102A723
Arizona Insured 074M: 67102A731
Q: 67102A749
S: 67102A756

*Percent change from previous day is based on the bid price.

**Estimated Current Return ("ECR") is computed by dividing the net annual interest income, after annual expenses, by the public offering price.

**Estimated Long-Term Returns ("ELTR") represents an average of the yields to maturity (or call) of the bonds in the Trust's portfolio under accepted bond practice, adjusted to reflect expenses and the Trust's applicable sales charges. ECR and ELTR calculations are based on the current market value of the bonds in a Trust's portfolio and thus these perfermance measures will fluctuate with market changes or changes in the composition of the Trust's portfolio.

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