Unit Trusts


Trust Prior to 2002

Find pricing information on Nuveen unit trusts offered prior to 2002. These legacy Nuveen unit trusts are either secondary or terminated portfolios.

PortfolioCUSIPBidParTermination Date
Minnesota 003M: 67064G312
Q: 67064G320
S: 67064G338
Minnesota 032M: 670629492
Q: 670629500
S: 670629518
Minnesota 067M: 670908730
Q: 670908748
S: 670908755
Minnesota 070M: 670908433
Q: 670908441
S: 670908458
Minnesota 076M: 670909589
Q: 670909597
S: 670909605
Minnesota 083M: 670910645
Q: 670910652
S: 670910660
Minnesota 085M: 670911130
Q: 670911148
S: 670911155
Minnesota 088M: 670911528
Q: 670911536
S: 670911544
Minnesota 090M: 670913169
Q: 670913177
S: 670913185
Minnesota 096M: 670914407
Q: 670914415
S: 670914423
Minnesota 098M: 670914738
Q: 670914746
S: 670914753
Minnesota 102M: 670915693
Q: 670915719
S: 670915727
Minnesota 107M: 670917764
Q: 670917772
S: 670917780
Minnesota 126M: 67063D492
Q: 67063D500
S: 67063D518
Minnesota 133M: 67063F430
Q: 67063F448
S: 67063F455
Minnesota 139M: 67063H469
Q: 67063H477
S: 67063H485
Minnesota 154M: 67063M674
Q: 67063M682
S: 67063M690
Minnesota 165M: 67064M707
Q: 67064M715
S: 67064M723
Minnesota 170M: 67064N705
Q: 67064N713
S: 67064N721
Minnesota 176M: 67095G109
Q: 67095G117
S: 67095G125
Minnesota 183M: 67095G315
Q: 67095G323
S: 67095G331
Minnesota 186M: 67095G406
Q: 67095G414
S: 67095G422
Minnesota 193M: 67095G612
Q: 67095G620
S: 67095G638
Minnesota 196M: 67095G703
Q: 67095G711
S: 67095G729
Minnesota 197M: 67095G737
Q: 67095G745
S: 67095G752
Minnesota Insured 001M: 67100Y103
Q: 67100Y111
S: 67100Y129
Minnesota Insured 002M: 67100Y137
Q: 67100Y145
S: 67100Y152
Minnesota Insured 003M: 67100Y160
Q: 67100Y178
S: 67100Y186
Minnesota Insured 004M: 67100Y194
Q: 67100Y202
S: 67100Y210

*Percent change from previous day is based on the bid price.

**Estimated Current Return ("ECR") is computed by dividing the net annual interest income, after annual expenses, by the public offering price.

**Estimated Long-Term Returns ("ELTR") represents an average of the yields to maturity (or call) of the bonds in the Trust's portfolio under accepted bond practice, adjusted to reflect expenses and the Trust's applicable sales charges. ECR and ELTR calculations are based on the current market value of the bonds in a Trust's portfolio and thus these perfermance measures will fluctuate with market changes or changes in the composition of the Trust's portfolio.

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