Unit Trusts


Trust Prior to 2002

Find pricing information on Nuveen unit trusts offered prior to 2002. These legacy Nuveen unit trusts are either secondary or terminated portfolios.

PortfolioCUSIPBidParTermination Date
Maryland 090M: 670913136
Q: 670913144
S: 670913151
Maryland 093M: 670913649
Q: 670913656
S: 670913664
Maryland 094M: 670913797
Q: 670913805
S: 670913813
Maryland 099M: 670915107
Q: 670915115
S: 670915123
Maryland 100M: 670915347
Q: 670915354
S: 670915362
Maryland 101M: 670915875
Q: 670915438
S: 670915446
Maryland 103M: 670917137
Q: 670917145
S: 670917152
Maryland 105M: 670917467
Q: 670917475
S: 670917483
Maryland 106M: 670917616
Q: 670917624
S: 670917632
Maryland 114M: 670919430
Q: 670919448
S: 670919455
Maryland 116M: 670920164
Q: 670920172
S: 670920180
Maryland 117M: 670920370
Q: 670920388
S: 670920396
Maryland 119M: 670920677
Q: 670920685
S: 670920693
Maryland 121M: 67023D400
Q: 67023D418
S: 67023D426
Maryland 129M: 67063E342
Q: 67063E359
S: 67063E367
Maryland 134M: 67063F679
Q: 67063F687
S: 67063F695
Maryland 136M: 67063G347
Q: 67063G354
S: 67063G362
Maryland 147M: 67063K827
Q: 67063K835
S: 67063K843
Maryland 149M: 67063L379
Q: 67063L387
S: 67063L395
Maryland 151M: 67063L734
Q: 67063L742
S: 67063L759
Maryland 155M: 67064K198
Q: 67064K206
S: 67064K214
Maryland 156M: 67064K370
Q: 67064K388
S: 67064K396
Maryland 159M: 67064L139
Q: 67064L147
S: 67064L154
Maryland 161M: 67064L493
Q: 67064L501
S: 67064L519
Maryland 166M: 67064M731
Q: 67064M749
S: 67064M756
Maryland 176M: 67094R106
Q: 67094R114
S: 67094R122
Maryland 177M: 67094R130
Q: 67094R148
S: 67094R155
Maryland 179M: 67094R197
Q: 67094R205
S: 67094R213
Maryland 180M: 67094R221
Q: 67094R239
S: 67094R247
Maryland 181M: 67094R254
Q: 67094R262
S: 67094R270
Maryland 189M: 67094R494
Q: 67094R502
S: 67094R510
Maryland 190M: 67094R528
Q: 67094R536
S: 67094R544
Maryland 191M: 67094R551
Q: 67094R569
S: 67094R577
Maryland 192M: 67094R585
Q: 67094R593
S: 67094R601
Maryland 193M: 67094R619
Q: 67094R627
S: 67094R635
Maryland 194M: 67094R643
Q: 67094R650
S: 67094R668
Maryland 203M: 67094T136
Q: 67094T144
S: 67094T151
Maryland 205M: 67094T193
Q: 67094T201
S: 67094T219
Maryland 211M: 67094T375
Q: 67094T383
S: 67094T391
Maryland 221M: 67094T672
Q: 67094T680
S: 67094T698
Maryland 222M: 67094T706
Q: 67094T714
S: 67094T722
Maryland 223M: 67094T730
Q: 67094T748
S: 67094T755
Maryland 224M: 67094T763
Q: 67094T771
S: 67094T789
Maryland 225M: 67094T797
Q: 67094T805
S: 67094T813
Maryland 226M: 67094T821
Q: 67094T839
S: 67094T847
Maryland 227M: 67094T854
Q: 67094T862
S: 67094T870
Maryland 228M: 67094U109
Q: 67094U117
S: 67094U125
Maryland 229M: 67094U133
Q: 67094U141
S: 67094U158
Maryland 230M: 67094U166
Q: 67094U174
S: 67094U182
Maryland 231M: 67094U190
Q: 67094U208
S: 67094U216
Maryland 232M: 67094U224
Q: 67094U232
S: 67094U240
Maryland 233M: 67094U257
Q: 67094U265
S: 67094U273
Maryland 234M: 67094U281
Q: 67094U299
S: 67094U307
Maryland 235M: 67094U315
Q: 67094U323
S: 67094U331
Maryland 236M: 67094U349
Q: 67094U356
S: 67094U364
Maryland 237M: 67094U372
Q: 67094U380
S: 67094U398
Maryland 238M: 67094U406
Q: 67094U414
S: 67094U422
Maryland 239M: 67094U430
Q: 67094U448
S: 67094U455
Maryland 240M: 67094U463
Q: 67094U471
S: 67094U489
Maryland 241M: 67094U497
Q: 67094U505
S: 67094U513
Maryland 242M: 67094U521
Q: 67094U539
S: 67094U547
Maryland 243M: 67094U554
Q: 67094U562
S: 67094U570
Maryland 244M: 67094U588
Q: 67094U596
S: 67094U604
Maryland 245M: 67094U612
Q: 67094U620
S: 67094U638
Maryland 246M: 67094U646
Q: 67094U653
S: 67094U661
Maryland 247M: 67094U679
Q: 67094U687
S: 67094U695
Maryland 248M: 67094U703
Q: 67094U711
S: 67094U729
Maryland 249M: 67094U737
Q: 67094U745
S: 67094U752
Maryland 250M: 67094U760
Q: 67094U778
S: 67094U786
Maryland 251M: 67094U794
Q: 67094U802
S: 67094U810
Maryland 252M: 67094U828
Q: 67094U836
S: 67094U844
Maryland 253M: 67094U851
Q: 67094U869
S: 67094U877
Maryland 254M: 67094V107
Q: 67094V115
S: 67094V123
Maryland 255M: 67094V131
Q: 67094V149
S: 67094V156
Maryland 256M: 67094V164
Q: 67094V172
S: 67094V180
Maryland 257M: 67094V198
Q: 67094V206
S: 67094V214
Maryland 258M: 67094V222
Q: 67094V230
S: 67094V248
Maryland 259M: 67094V255
Q: 67094V263
S: 67094V271
Maryland 260M: 67094V289
Q: 67094V297
S: 67094V305
Maryland 261M: 67094V313
Q: 67094V321
S: 67094V339
Maryland 262M: 67094V347
Q: 67094V354
S: 67094V362
Maryland 263M: 67094V370
Q: 67094V388
S: 67094V396
Maryland 264M: 67094V404
Q: 67094V412
S: 67094V420
Maryland 265M: 67094V438
Q: 67094V446
S: 67094V453
Maryland 266M: 67094V461
Q: 67094V479
S: 67094V487
Maryland 267M: 67094V495
Q: 67094V503
S: 67094V511
Maryland 268M: 67094V529
Q: 67094V537
S: 67094V545
Maryland 269M: 67094V552
Q: 67094V560
S: 67094V578
Maryland 270M: 67094V586
Q: 67094V594
S: 67094V602
Maryland 271M: 67094V610
Q: 67094V628
S: 67094V636
Maryland 272M: 67094V644
Q: 67094V651
S: 67094V669
Maryland 273M: 67094V677
Q: 67094V685
S: 67094V693
Maryland 274M: 67094V701
Q: 67094V719
S: 67094V727
Maryland 275M: 67094V735
Q: 67094V743
S: 67094V750
Maryland 276M: 67094V768
Q: 67094V776
S: 67094V784
Maryland 277M: 67094V792
Q: 67094V800
S: 67094V818
Maryland 278M: 67094V826
Q: 67094V834
S: 67094V842
Maryland 279M: 67094V859
Q: 67094V867
S: 67094V875
Maryland 280M: 67101L100
Q: 67101L118
S: 67101L126
Maryland 281M: 67101L134
Q: 67101L142
S: 67101L159
Maryland 282M: 67101L167
Q: 67101L175
S: 67101L183
Maryland 283M: 67101L191
Q: 67101L209
S: 67101L217
Maryland 284M: 67101L225
Q: 67101L233
S: 67101L241
Maryland 285M: 67101L258
Q: 67101L266
S: 67101L274
Maryland 286M: 67101L282
Q: 67101L290
S: 67101L308
Maryland 287M: 67101L316
Q: 67101L324
S: 67101L332
Maryland 288M: 67101L340
Q: 67101L357
S: 67101L365
Maryland 289M: 67101L373
Q: 67101L381
S: 67101L399
Maryland 290M: 67101L407
Q: 67101L415
S: 67101L423
Maryland 291M: 67101L431
Q: 67101L449
S: 67101L456
Maryland 292M: 67101L464
Q: 67101L472
S: 67101L480
Maryland 293M: 67101L498
Q: 67101L506
S: 67101L514
Maryland 294M: 67101L522
Q: 67101L530
S: 67101L548
Maryland 295M: 67101L555
Q: 67101L563
S: 67101L571
Maryland 296M: 67101L589
Q: 67101L597
S: 67101L605
Maryland 297M: 67101L613
Q: 67101L621
S: 67101L639
Maryland 298M: 67101L647
Q: 67101L654
S: 67101L662
Maryland 299M: 67101L670
Q: 67101L688
S: 67101L696
Maryland 300M: 67101L704
Q: 67101L712
S: 67101L720
Maryland 301M: 67101L738
Q: 67101L746
S: 67101L753
Maryland 302M: 67101L761
Q: 67101L779
S: 67101L787
Maryland 303M: 67101L795
Q: 67101L803
S: 67101L811
Maryland 304M: 67101L829
Q: 67101L837
S: 67101L845
Maryland 305M: 67101L852
Q: 67101L860
S: 67101L878
Maryland 306M: 67102E105
Q: 67102E113
S: 67102E121
Maryland 307M: 67102E139
Q: 67102E147
S: 67102E154
Maryland 308M: 67102E162
Q: 67102E170
S: 67102E188
Maryland 309M: 67102E196
Q: 67102E204
S: 67102E212
Maryland 310M: 67102E220
Q: 67102E238
S: 67102E246
Maryland 311M: 67102E253
Q: 67102E261
S: 67102E279
Maryland 312M: 67102E287
Q: 67102E295
S: 67102E303
Maryland 313M: 67102E311
Q: 67102E329
S: 67102E337
Maryland 314M: 67102E345
Q: 67102E352
S: 67102E360
Maryland 315M: 67102E378
Q: 67102E386
S: 67102E394
Maryland 316M: 67102E402
Q: 67102E410
S: 67102E428
Maryland 317M: 67102E436
Q: 67102E444
S: 67102E451
Maryland 318M: 67102E469
Q: 67102E477
S: 67102E485
Maryland 319M: 67102E493
Q: 67102E501
S: 67102E519
Maryland 320M: 67102E527
Q: 67102E535
S: 67102E543
Maryland 321M: 67102E550
Q: 67102E568
S: 67102E576
Maryland 322M: 67102E584
Q: 67102E592
S: 67102E600
Maryland 323M: 67102E618
Q: 67102E626
S: 67102E634
Maryland 324M: 67102E642
Q: 67102E659
S: 67102E667
Maryland 325M: 67102E675
Q: 67102E683
S: 67102E691
Maryland 326M: 67102E709
Q: 67102E717
S: 67102E725
Maryland 327M: 67102E733
Q: 67102E741
S: 67102E758
Maryland 328M: 67102E766
Q: 67102E774
S: 67102E782
Maryland 329M: 67102E790
Q: 67102E808
S: 67102E816
Maryland Traditional 330M: 67102E824
Q: 67102E832
S: 67102E840
Maryland Traditional 331M: 67102E857
Q: 67102E865
S: 67102E873
Maryland Traditional 332M: 67065S109
Q: 67065S117
S: 67065S125
Maryland Traditional 333M: 67065S133
Q: 67065S141
S: 67065S158
Maryland Traditional 334M: 67065S166
Q: 67065S174
S: 67065S182
Maryland Traditional 336M: 67065S224
Q: 67065S232
S: 67065S240
Maryland Traditional 337M: 67065S257
Q: 67065S265
S: 67065S273
Maryland Traditional 338M: 67065S281
Q: 67065S299
S: 67065S307
Maryland Traditional 339M: 67065S315
Q: 67065S323
S: 67065S331
Maryland Traditional 340M: 67065S349
Q: 67065S356
S: 67065S364
Maryland Traditional 341M: 67065S372
Q: 67065S380
S: 67065S398
Maryland Traditional 343M: 67065S430
Q: 67065S448
S: 67065S455
Maryland Traditional 344M: 67065S463
Q: 67065S471
S: 67065S489
Maryland Traditional 346M: 67065S521
Q: 67065S539
S: 67065S547
Maryland Traditional 347M: 67065S554
Q: 67065S562
S: 67065S570
Maryland Traditional 348M: 67065S588
Q: 67065S596
S: 67065S604
Maryland Traditional 349M: 67065S612
Q: 67065S620
S: 67065S638
Maryland Traditional 350M: 67065S737
Q: 67065S745
S: 67065S752
Maryland Traditional 351M: 67065S646
Q: 67065S653
S: 67065S661
Maryland Traditional 352M: 67065S679
Q: 67065S687
S: 67065S695
Maryland Traditional 353M: 67065S703
Q: 67065S711
S: 67065S729
Maryland Traditional 354M: 67065S760
Q: 67065S778
S: 67065S786
Maryland Traditional 355M: 67065S794
Q: 67065S802
S: 67065S810
Maryland Traditional 356M: 67065S828
Q: 67065S836
S: 67065S844
Maryland Traditional 357M: 67065S851
Q: 67065S869
S: 67065S877
Maryland Traditional 358M: 67070K109
Q: 67070K117
S: 67070K125
Maryland Traditional 359M: 67070K133
Q: 67070K141
S: 67070K158

*Percent change from previous day is based on the bid price.

**Estimated Current Return ("ECR") is computed by dividing the net annual interest income, after annual expenses, by the public offering price.

**Estimated Long-Term Returns ("ELTR") represents an average of the yields to maturity (or call) of the bonds in the Trust's portfolio under accepted bond practice, adjusted to reflect expenses and the Trust's applicable sales charges. ECR and ELTR calculations are based on the current market value of the bonds in a Trust's portfolio and thus these perfermance measures will fluctuate with market changes or changes in the composition of the Trust's portfolio.

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