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Nuveen Short Duration High Yield Municipal Bond Fund

Portfolio Statistics

As of 1/31/2018
Fund Net Assets$3.8 billion
Total Number of Positions1656
Average Effective Maturity9.51 years
Effective Duration4.05 years
Average Call Protection6.93 years
Average Price$101.66
Income Subject to AMT as of 12/31/201712.25%

Maturity Breakdown in Years

As of 1/31/2018

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Credit Quality 1

As of 1/31/2018

Ratings shown are the lowest rating given by one of the following national rating agencies: S&P, Moody’s or Fitch. Credit ratings are subject to change.

AAA, AA, A, and BBB are investment grade ratings; BB, B, CCC/CC/C and D are below-investment grade ratings. Bonds backed by U.S. Government or agency securities are given an implied rating equal to the rating of such securities. Holdings designated NR are not rated by these national rating agencies.

Sector Allocations1

As of 1/31/2018


Name % of Portfolio
Tax Obligation/Limited 24.0%
Education and Civic Organizations 11.5%
Health Care 10.4%
Tax Obligation/General 9.1%
Consumer Staples 8.6%
Transportation 7.4%
Utilities 7.3%
Industrials 6.8%
Long Term Care 6.8%
US Guaranteed 2.1%
Housing/Multifamily 2.0%
Consumer Discretionary 1.3%
Materials 0.7%
Energy 0.5%
Water and Sewer 0.4%
Financials 0.1%

Top States1

As of 1/31/2018

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Name % of Portfolio
Illinois 13.5%
Florida 11.2%
New Jersey 7.8%
California 7.8%
Texas 5.8%
Ohio 5.6%
Pennsylvania 5.3%
Wisconsin 4.6%
New York 4.2%
Arizona 3.5%

Top Portfolio Positions1,2

As of 1/31/2018

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Name % of Portfolio CouponYieldSectorAsset Type
TOBACCO SFC NJ ASSET BACKED 07-1A 1.4% 5.000.63Consumer StaplesMunicipal Securities
TOBACCO SFC NJ ASSET BACKED 07-1A 1.3% 4.754.91Consumer StaplesMunicipal Securities
MASS PORT AUTH DELTA AIR SPL FACS 01C 1.2% 2.572.87TransportationMunicipal Securities
PENN EDFA PPL ENERGY SUPPLY REV 09C 1.2% 5.004.69UtilitiesMunicipal Securities
TEMPE INDL DEV AUTH MIRABELLA ASU 17B 1.1% 4.704.59Long Term CareMunicipal Securities
BUCKEYE TOBACCO SFA ASSET BACKED 07A-2 1.0% 5.756.20Consumer StaplesMunicipal Securities
BUCKEYE TOBACCO SFA ASSET BACKED 07A-2 1.0% 5.886.29Consumer StaplesMunicipal Securities
GOLDEN ST TOBACCO SETTLEMENT 07A-1 1.0% 5.002.56Consumer StaplesMunicipal Securities
IOWA FIN AUTH IOWA FERTILIZER CO PJ 0.7% 5.001.83IndustrialsMunicipal Securities
CHICAGO BOE DED CAP IMPT TAX REV 0.7% 5.753.66Tax Obligation/LimitedMunicipal Securities