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Nuveen Strategy Growth Allocation Fund


As of Date: 1/31/2018
NameCUSIPTicker% of PortfolioSharesPriceMarket ValueAsset Type
NUVEEN SHORT TERM BOND-R6670693886NSSFX US10.6%1,519,189$9.81$14,903,247 
NUVEEN DIVIDEND VALUE FUND670690130FFEFX US9.6%857,540$15.77$13,523,415 
NUVEEN LARGE CAP SELECT FUND-I670690338FLRYX US7.1%329,602$30.57$10,075,954 
NUVEEN INTERNATIONAL GROWTH R6670713304NBQFX US6.1%165,711$52.16$8,643,532 
NUVEEN NWQ INTERNATIONAL VALUE FUND67065W803NGRRX US5.9%303,645$27.54$8,362,395 
NUVEEN SYMPHONY LOW VOLATILITY EQ FD R6670713403NOPFX US4.8%199,758$33.63$6,717,889 
NUVEEN LARGE CAP CORE R6670729516NLCFX US4.7%188,429$34.98$6,591,264 
NUVEEN NWQ LARGE CAP VALUE FUND-R67064Y586NQCRX US4.6%924,019$7.02$6,486,616 
NUVEEN LARGE CAP VALUE R6670729490NNGFX US4.5%233,238$27.33$6,374,413 
NUVEEN SMALL CAP GROWTH OPP R6670693845FMPFX US4%208,868$27.27$5,695,843 
NUVEEN SMALL CAP VALUE R6670693837FSCWX US4%208,546$27.05$5,641,178 
NUVEEN SYMPHONY LARGE CAP GROWTH FD67065W415NSGIX US3.6%121,754$42.20$5,138,029 
NUVEEN WINSLOW LARGE-CAP GROWTH FD670725373NWCFX US3.6%119,375$42.53$5,077,052 
NUVEEN LARGE CAP GROWTH-R6670729482NLAFX US3.6%153,130$33.15$5,076,288 
NUVEEN SANTA BARBARA DIVIDEND GROWTH FD670725365NSBFX US3.5%113,225$43.64$4,941,153 
NUVEEN SYMPHONY INTL EQUITY FD-I67065W241NSIEX US3.1%191,728$22.67$4,346,487 
NUVEEN HIGH YIELD MUNICIPAL BOND FD R667065Q558NHMFX US2.1%173,803$17.23$2,994,633 
UNITED STATES TREASURY BILL912796MK2B 0 07/19/182.1%3,000,000$99.26$2,977,775Short-Term Investments
NUVEEN CORE BOND FUND-R6670693605NTIFX US2%293,340$9.63$2,824,872 
NUVEEN REAL ESTATE SECURITIES FUND670678119FREGX US2%137,696$19.95$2,747,045 
NUVEEN CORE PLUS BOND-R6670693704FPCFX US1.9%246,399$10.89$2,683,293 
NUVEEN REAL ASSET INCOME FUND R6670693860NRIFX US1.4%82,780$24.11$1,995,846 
NUVEEN SMALL CAP SELECT-FD-I670690874ARSTX US1.4%160,942$12.24$1,969,935 
NUVEEN GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE R6670693852FGIWX US1.3%172,302$10.98$1,891,877 
NUVEEN INFLATION PROT SEC-R6670693803FISFX US1%128,675$11.16$1,436,021 
NUVEEN ALL AMERICAN MUNICIPAL BD R667065Q566FAAWX US0.6%73,731$11.56$852,332 
FIRST AMER TREASURY OBLIG CL Z31846V542 0.6%779,097 $779,098Cash and Equivalents
DOLLAR INDEX MAR 18DXH8DXH80%14$88.95$0 
EMIN RUSSELL 2000 MAR18RTYH8RTYH80%-152$1,576.00$0 
MINI MSCI EAFE MAR18MFSH8MFSH80%124$2,145.50$0 
MINI MSCI EMG MKT MAR18MESH8MESH80%209$1,257.80$0 
NASDAQ 100 E-MINI MAR18NQH8NQH80%-34$6,962.50$0 
S&P MID 400 EMINI MAR18FAH8FAH80%23$1,954.20$0 
S&P500 EMINI FUT MAR18ADI0VVZN2ESH80%-152$2,825.80$0 
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