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Average Annual Total Returns Periods: Month Ending 11/30/2017 / YTD as of: 12/14/2017

Returns quoted represent past performance, which is no guarantee of future results. Investment returns and principal value will fluctuate so that when shares are redeemed, they may be worth more or less than their original cost. Returns less than one year are cumulative. Due to market conditions, current performance may be higher or lower than the performance shown. Returns at NAV would be lower if the sales charge were included. Returns do not reflect the deduction of taxes that a shareholder would pay on Fund distributions or the redemption of shares.

NAV (Without Sales Charge) Offer (With Sales Charge)
SymbolFund NameYTD (%)1Yr
3Yr (%)5Yr (%)10Yr (%)Since
YTD (%)1Yr
3Yr (%)5Yr (%)10Yr (%)Since
FLAAX All-American Municipal Bond 7.617.823.803.345.306.
FAZTX Arizona Municipal Bond 5.115.473.022.464.095.500.731.041.571.573.645.3610/29/1986
NCHAX California High Yield Municipal Bond 10.3810.435.025.325.874.995.795.803.514.425.424.6103/28/2006
NUCAX California Intermediate Municipal Bond 5.755.96---1.072.582.78----1.6410/19/2016
NCAAX California Municipal Bond 6.216.793.823.975.265.171.742.342.343.084.814.9809/07/1994
FCOTX Colorado Municipal Bond 5.425.903.293.094.515.471.011.431.832.224.065.3205/04/1987
NCADX Concentrated Core 16.9515.545.22--11.9310.238.893.16--10.4506/17/2013
FCTTX Connecticut Municipal Bond 3.974.342.422.033.845.36-0.39-0.080.971.163.405.2107/13/1987
FAIIX Core Bond 3.743.111.181.433.524.860.610.000.160.813.214.7201/09/1995
FAFIX Core Plus Bond 4.855.172.182.574.355.900.420.700.721.683.905.7512/22/1987
FFEIX Dividend Value 15.0018.008.9613.177.618.858.4211.246.8411.846.988.5912/18/1992
NELAX Equity Long/Short 18.8715.847.2711.86-10.9012.059.195.1710.54-10.1612/30/2008
NMAEX Equity Market Neutral 5.984.194.05--4.96-0.11-1.802.02--3.5806/17/2013
FGATX Georgia Municipal Bond 2.633.031.991.993.625.43-1.67-1.320.541.133.185.2903/27/1986
FGIAX Global Infrastructure 19.3021.365.879.86-5.9912.4514.393.808.57-5.3612/17/2007
NGVAX Gresham Diversified Commodity Strategy -1.342.90-8.71-9.32--8.77-7.01-3.02-10.49-10.39--9.7807/30/2012
NSAGX Growth 25.0224.2610.1715.307.667.0717.8217.128.0213.947.036.5303/28/2006
FJSIX High Income Bond 6.829.703.534.706.586.501.714.471.853.686.066.1808/30/2001
NHMAX High Yield Municipal Bond 11.4611.415.845.634.495.386.796.724.344.744.045.1406/07/1999
NITAX Inflation Protected Municipal Bond 4.194.872.040.80-3.501.061.721.010.18-3.0403/08/2011
FAIPX Inflation Protected Securities 2.531.910.64-0.623.083.42-1.86-2.43-0.80-1.482.633.0810/01/2004
NMBAX Intermediate Duration Municipal Bond 5.996.132.612.303.754.352.782.901.561.683.434.2106/13/1995
FIGAX Intermediate Government Bond 1.070.650.260.352.312.65-1.99-2.39-0.73-
NBQAX International Growth 34.4435.717.8011.07-13.2926.7127.915.699.76-12.5204/24/2009
FKSTX Kansas Municipal Bond 4.364.422.552.
FKYTX Kentucky Municipal Bond 3.793.892.292.083.825.57-0.55-0.470.841.213.385.4205/04/1987
NLACX Large Cap Core 19.1918.498.57--14.1712.3411.676.45--12.6706/17/2013
NLAGX Large Cap Growth 23.3022.829.35--14.4516.2115.767.22--12.9406/17/2013
FLRAX Large Cap Select 22.2124.4711.3616.137.679.2715.1817.319.1814.767.048.8401/31/2003
NNGAX Large Cap Value 15.9116.037.1414.266.808.389.229.345.0412.916.178.0808/07/1996
FLTDX Limited Term Municipal Bond
FTLAX Louisiana Municipal Bond 5.795.702.792.744.135.601.341.241.331.873.695.4409/12/1989
NMDAX Maryland Municipal Bond 4.945.272.962.274.084.670.540.831.501.393.634.4809/07/1994
NMAAX Massachusetts Municipal Bond 4.814.972.942.454.224.760.380.601.461.583.784.5609/07/1994
FMITX Michigan Municipal Bond 4.655.032.852.714.115.960.230.641.401.833.665.8206/27/1985
FRSLX Mid Cap Growth Opportunities 22.4022.827.9113.297.7010.3415.3615.775.8011.967.0610.0601/09/1995
FASEX Mid Cap Value 16.1820.379.6315.447.2010.289.5113.447.4914.086.5710.0712/22/1987
FAMAX Minnesota Intermediate Municipal Bond 4.454.732.382.153.924.221.281.641.331.543.604.0802/25/1994
FJMNX Minnesota Municipal Bond 6.256.553.192.724.795.611.792.041.711.834.345.4607/11/1988
FMOTX Missouri Municipal Bond 4.765.383.152.754.415.680.361.001.691.873.975.5308/03/1987
NMKAX Multi-Asset Income 9.9111.01---8.073.594.62---2.7809/26/2016
NMXAX Multi-Asset Income Tax-Aware 10.8011.35---6.904.434.94---1.6709/26/2016
FNTAX Nebraska Municipal Bond 4.784.812.501.904.074.280.410.401.031.023.624.0102/28/2001
NNJAX New Jersey Municipal Bond 6.356.743.362.814.645.001.862.281.891.934.184.8109/06/1994
FNMTX New Mexico Municipal Bond 4.254.522.641.783.574.61-
NNYAX New York Municipal Bond 5.435.733.172.664.305.
FLNCX North Carolina Municipal Bond 4.594.952.402.184.115.330.200.500.961.313.675.1903/27/1986
NWQAX NWQ Flexible Income 8.6110.345.815.74-8.683.455.104.104.72-8.0212/09/2009
NGEAX NWQ Global All-Cap 21.1225.497.50--7.1114.1618.285.40--5.3904/01/2014
NQGAX NWQ Global Equity Income 18.1221.306.3111.24-9.7611.3314.324.249.93-8.9809/15/2009
NAIGX NWQ International Value 18.1720.586.077.280.984.2711.3913.673.996.020.393.9312/20/1999
NQCAX NWQ Large-Cap Value 14.0215.577.2611.384.444.017.508.965.1610.073.833.4512/15/2006
NQVAX NWQ Multi-Cap Value 17.4220.748.3411.644.008.0910.6613.816.2310.323.397.6712/09/2002
NSMAX NWQ Small/Mid-Cap Value 8.2714.438.6912.476.795.582.047.856.5711.156.165.0112/15/2006
NSCAX NWQ Small-Cap Value 9.3716.1110.6815.248.368.673.099.438.5113.887.718.1812/08/2004
FOHTX Ohio Municipal Bond 4.655.262.822.554.245.860.220.841.361.673.805.7206/27/1985
FOTAX Oregon Intermediate Municipal Bond 3.874.201.791.523.393.560.771.060.760.913.083.3902/01/1999
FPNTX Pennsylvania Municipal Bond 5.615.902.892.784.435.551.171.431.431.903.985.4110/29/1986
NPSAX Preferred Securities and Income 10.6811.536.526.947.896.395.416.264.815.907.375.9212/19/2006
NRIAX Real Asset Income 11.4213.215.577.91-9.375.016.703.516.64-8.3409/13/2011
FREAX Real Estate Securities 5.589.935.569.657.4311.32-0.503.623.508.366.7911.0309/29/1995
NSBAX Santa Barbara Dividend Growth 19.0021.688.6112.708.059.1912.1514.686.4811.387.418.6403/28/2006
NUGAX Santa Barbara Global Dividend Growth 18.8321.217.379.89-10.9812.0014.245.278.60-9.7806/11/2012
NUIAX Santa Barbara International Dividend Growth 19.1621.625.166.99-8.8912.3114.633.105.73-7.7206/11/2012
NVHAX Short Duration High Yield Municipal Bond 7.637.423.53--3.704.944.742.66--3.1602/01/2013
FALTX Short Term Bond 1.311.491.
FSHAX Short Term Municipal Bond 1.341.170.440.641.832.05-1.24-1.40-0.400.131.571.8810/25/2002
FRMPX Small Cap Growth Opportunities 14.8219.859.5214.698.8614.058.2112.947.3813.348.2113.7408/01/1995
EMGRX Small Cap Select 7.9014.1810.8313.658.2510.301.697.638.6612.327.6110.0505/06/1992
FSCAX Small Cap Value 4.3812.8714.1716.749.6111.15-1.626.3911.9415.368.9610.8708/01/1994
FCDDX Strategic Income
NSAOX Strategic Municipal Opportunities 9.189.23---4.195.905.95---3.1212/16/2014
FAAGX Strategy Aggressive Growth Allocation 17.5819.526.8510.185.127.1110.8012.694.758.884.506.7209/24/2001
FSGNX Strategy Balanced Allocation 11.3512.274.517.124.706.074.985.842.465.864.085.6809/24/2001
FSFIX Strategy Conservative Allocation 8.718.852.924.
FSNAX Strategy Growth Allocation 14.9616.636.
NCOAX Symphony Credit Opportunities 5.397.144.445.19-6.920.382.052.764.17-6.2404/28/2010
NFRAX Symphony Floating Rate Income 2.824.113.174.06-4.59-0.260.992.123.43-4.1005/02/2011
NSYAX Symphony High Yield Bond 6.027.753.56--5.630.982.631.89--4.6012/10/2012
NSIAX Symphony International Equity 25.2228.786.858.36-2.0518.0021.414.767.09-1.4205/30/2008
NCGAX Symphony Large-Cap Growth 28.7229.3511.6814.949.879.8821.3221.929.5013.599.229.2912/15/2006
NOPAX Symphony Low Volatility Equity 18.8620.369.1714.208.248.0112.0513.467.0412.867.607.3809/28/2007
NCCAX Symphony Mid-Cap Core 15.0916.726.7312.447.677.898.4810.034.6511.127.047.3405/31/2006
NSSAX Symphony Small Cap Core 17.8322.7311.31--9.3811.0615.689.13--7.7612/10/2013
FTNTX Tennessee Municipal Bond 4.785.192.632.224.315.660.370.811.191.343.865.5111/02/1987
FVATX Virginia Municipal Bond 5.295.493.002.324.175.610.851.101.531.453.725.4703/27/1986
NWCAX Winslow Large-Cap Growth 32.5533.0810.9115.62-15.8624.9325.438.7414.26-15.0605/15/2009
FWIAX Wisconsin Municipal Bond 4.874.882.522.014.064.670.430.431.071.133.614.4806/01/1994

Class A Shares of Non-Intermediate National and State Municipal Bond Funds have a 4.2% (2.5% for Limited Term, and Short Duration High Yield, Short Term Municipal Bond Funds) maximum sales charge. Class A Shares of Intermediate National and State Municipal Bond Funds and Inflation Protected Municipal Bond Fund have a 3.0% maximum sales charge. Class A Shares have a maximum sales charge of 4.75% for the High Income Bond, Global Total Return Bond, NWQ Flexible Income, Preferred Securities, Symphony Credit Opportunities, Symphony High Yield Bond and Symphony Dynamic Credit Funds. The Core Plus Bond, Inflation Protected Securities, Strategic Income and U.S. Infrastructure Income Funds’ class A Shares have a maximum sales charge of 4.25%. Class A Shares of the Core Bond, Intermediate Government Bond and Symphony Floating Rate Income Funds have a maximum sales charge of 3.0%. The Short Term Bond Fund Class A Shares have a maximum sales charge of 2.25%. Class A Shares of the Nuveen equity and asset allocation Funds have a maximum sales charge of 5.75%. Nuveen Index Funds Class A Shares can be purchased at NAV and are available for purchase by certain retirement plans and wrap programs. Class C, C1 and C2 Shares have a 1% CDSC for redemptions within less than one year, which is not reflected in the one-year total return. Class I Shares have no sales charge and may be purchased under limited circumstances or by specified classes of investors. Class R3 Shares have no sales charge and are available to only certain retirement plan clients of financial intermediaries. Class R6 shares are available to certain qualified retirement plans and other investors as set forth in the statement of additional information.

Income from municipal and tax-free bond funds is generally exempt from regular federal and state personal income taxes. Income may be subject to the federal alternative minimum tax and local taxes. Capital gains distributions are subject to tax.

Mutual fund investing involves risk. Please see each Fund profile page for more complete information, including Fund-specific risks.

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