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What is a mutual fund?

A mutual fund is an investment that pools your money with the money of many other people with similar investment goals. Professional money managers use the pool of money to buy securities, that, in the team's judgment, will help achieve specified financial objectives. Together, investors potentially can reap more rewards with less risk investing together than alone through diversification.

Why should I invest in an advisor-sold fund?

Most of the sales charge includes a commission to your financial advisor. In return for this payment, the advisor can help you determine your needs and formulate long-term investment goals and objectives, set realistic expectations as to how each investment is likely to perform, and match your goals and objectives with appropriate investments. Over the long term, he or she can monitor your portfolio and regularly review your situation to make sure your strategy remains appropriate.

What kind of funds does Nuveen offer?

Nuveen offers fixed income and equity mutual fund solutions that cover a full range of investment opportunities and are managed by our premier investment managers with the goal of providing risk-adjusted returns and portfolio diversification. See our view all funds page for a complete list of all the funds Nuveen has available.

When do the funds pay dividends?

Nuveen municipal and taxable fixed income funds pay dividends monthly. Most other Nuveen mutual funds pay dividends annually. Check each fund page for the specific timing of when dividends are paid.

Do I have a choice on how my dividends will be paid?

Yes. You can elect to have your dividends reinvested, invested in another Nuveen Investments Fund, deposited directly in your bank checking or savings account or sent to you in a check.

How do I invest in Nuveen Funds?

To invest in a fund, call your financial advisor to get an application and fund prospectus. Be sure to review the prospectus carefully before investing.

How can I receive information about a specific fund?

To receive more information about a specific fund, you can:

  • Download and view a prospectus now.
  • Call your financial advisor and ask for more information.
  • Call our Investor Services number at 1-800-257-8787 for more information about a particular fund.
What is the minimum investment?

The minimum initial investment is $3,000 ($2,500 for an IRA account; $2000 for an Education IRA account) and may be lower for accounts opened through certain fee-based programs. Subsequent investments must be in amounts of $100 or more. The funds reserve the right to reject purchase orders and to waive or increase the minimum investment requirements.

How do I know which fund is suitable for me?

If you are looking for a recommendation for a particular investment, we suggest you consult a financial advisor. Your advisor will have the knowledge and experience to evaluate your investment needs in light of your current financial situation, your long-term goals and the risk you are willing to assume. With these factors in mind, your advisor can suggest an investment strategy that will help you achieve your financial goals.

Why do the Funds offer different share classes?

Many mutual fund companies offer investors a choice in the way the sales charge and other fees are structured. Nuveen Investments offers class A, C, R3, and I shares. You should consult a prospectus and your financial advisor to help you determine the most favorable arrangement for your situation.

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