Combining Investment Ideas with Market Insight
Investment Strategies from Bob Doll & Team
Robert C. Doll, CFA
Senior Portfolio Manager,
Chief Equity Strategist
Nuveen Asset Management, LLC

A Range of Investments Designed for Different Investor Needs

Large Cap Equity Series

Managed by Bob Doll

What Distinguishes Our Approach?

  • A process that combines fundamental research with quantitative analysis
  • Well-respected and highly visible portfolio manager with more than 30 years of experience
  • Supported by a multi-dimensional research platform and a deep research team
  • Nine investment strategies across U.S. large cap equities create a diversified offering
  • A history of strong absolute and relative performance
  • Subjective
  • Time-intensive
  • Forward-looking
  • Identifies stock-specific
    opportunities and risks
  • Grounded in
    human judgment
Quantitative Analysis
  • Objective
  • Efficient
  • Backward-looking
  • Identifies stock-specific
    opportunities and risks
  • Grounded in
    statistical principles

This Bull Market Should Continue. But Unevenly.

Bob Doll discusses the equity markets.

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When One Plus One Is More
Than Two

Learn how we combine the art of fundamental research with the science of quantitative analysis to create an investment process that is more than the sum of its parts.

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Large Cap Equity Series Brochure
As the largest equity category, the large cap universe offers investment options from conservative to defensively-positioned strategies to higher-growth companies. The Large Cap Equity Series spans traditional investment styles, specialty offerings such as income-oriented or concentrated portfolios and alternative solutions that include long and short equity positions.
Large Cap Equity Series: A Commitment to Achieving Investment Excellence
As part of their long-term goals, investors may require equity options ranging from more conservative to higher growth. Senior Portfolio Manager Bob Doll and the equity team combine fundamental research and quantitative analysis to build portfolios with different risk and return objectives.
When One Plus One Is More Than Two
Learn how we combine the art of fundamental research with the science of quantitative analysis to create an investment process that is more than the sum of its parts.
2016 Elections Recap: What the Results Mean for Investors
Bob Doll discusses how will Trump presidency and GOP control of Congress could affect the economy and financial markets.
Connecting Predictions with Investment Ideas: Large Cap Equity Series
In the 2017 Ten Predictions, Bob forecasts a year of transition that should feature improving global economic growth, higher inflation and rising interest rates. This backdrop may produce an environment in which stock selection becomes increasingly critical for investor success. Although Bob and his team rely primarily on bottom-up stock selection and quantitative analysis when constructing portfolios, the prediction themes are also reflected in the Large Cap Equity Series.

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A Word on Risk

The views and opinions expressed are for informational and educational purposes only as of the date of the writing and may change at any time based on market or other conditions and may not come to pass. This material is not intended to be relied upon as investment advice or recommendations, does not constitute a solicitation to buy or sell securities and should not be considered specific legal, investment or tax advice. Mutual fund investing involves risk; principal loss is possible. There is no guarantee a fund’s stated investment objectives will be achieved. Fund risks may include: equity security risk, large cap stock risk, non-diversification risk, smaller company risk, growth stock risk, and value stock risk. Non-U.S. investments involve additional risks, including currency fluctuation, political and economic instability, lack of liquidity and differing legal and accounting standards. A fund’s use of futures contracts involves transaction costs and the potential for negative impact on performance. A fund engaging in frequent trading of securities may result in taxable gains to investors and involve trading costs that may impact fund performance. A fund’s use of short selling is a form of leverage and involves additional expense and risks including market loss and increased volatility of returns. Select a Fund name above to view its overview page.

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