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A Guide to Building Lasting Relationships with the Female Investor -- Women represent a large and growing market segment, which presents an attractive opportunity for financial advisors to grow their practices. However, female investors have extremely high rates of dissatisfaction with their advisors and are underserved by the financial services industry. Women are an increasing proportion of the affluent; they are becoming more financially independent and inheriting more wealth. The female investor is an inherently different type of investor than the male investor; therefore the traditional financial advisor framework that is successful with male investors will not be adequate for today’s women of wealth. Advisors must learn to tailor their services to their existing and potential female clients.
Advisor Succession Plan Checklist -- The advice industry is aging along with its clients, and many advisors are considering retirement. This checklist provides a timeline-based framework to help an advisor plan to transition his or her business.
Behavioral Finance: Money Over Mind -- This paper educates advisors on the history of and recent developments in behavioral finance, identifies emotional investor behavior and provides approaches to mitigate negative effects on returns. It goes beyond basic behavioral finance education, and identifies situations to look out for and provides specific planning tools and processes to counteract various behaviors.
Building a Personal Brand -- In order to differentiate themselves in today’s crowded market, financial advisors need a client-centered brand that is compelling and unique. A personal brand consists of a clear and thoughtfully constructed value proposition that is effectively communicated through conversations, written materials (including pitchbook) and online presence (including website and social media). This white paper provides advisors with concepts, tactics and implementation techniques to help them holistically create and communicate their own distinctive brand.
Building Your Practice by Serving Foundations and Endowments -- This white paper provides a comprehensive look at foundations and endowments and how they can affect an advisor's business. It defines the market opportunity represented by these organizations, identifies ways to prospect them as clients and suggests a seven step process for working with them.
Business Planning Essentials Workbook -- This workbook gives advisors a framework for developing a business plan that meets their unique practice goals.
Client Advisory Board Orientation Package -- This client advisory board orientation package offers sample templates of a board member welcome letter, advisory board bylaws, and an appointment acceptance form.
Client Advisory Boards: An Important Tool for Referrals and Feedback -- This paper discusses the benefits of a client advisory board, suggests some best practices for creating a well-structured board, and provides sample topics and recommendations for a meeting agenda.
Client Discovery: Enhancing the Interview Process -- This paper addresses key attributes of an effective interview through the following elements: understanding the context, benefits and goals of an effective interview, key profiling questions, a document checklist, post-interview steps, plus a list of additional resources.
Creating a Successful Advisory Practice workbook -- This interactive workbook will help financial advisors best communicate the value they bring to their clients and develop a plan to successfully communicate fees to those clients, while avoiding common mistakes that can be detrimental to an advisor’s business.
Creating Your Short-Form Pitchbook -- This workbook will walk advisors through the process of developing a short-form pitchbook for use in marketing their wealth management services.  It details key components that advisors should incorporate into their pitchbook to differentiate their practice and promote consistent delivery of their marketing message.
Debt Decisions and Liability Management -- A complete personal finance plan includes managing assets alongside managing liabilities. This investor-approved paper explains levers investors can use to analyze debt decisions, such as interest rate, tax and collateral considerations, and discusses how debt can be used to realize certain financial planning strategies, specifically for retirees, those looking to transfer wealth to younger generations and business owners.
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