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2018 Santa Barbara Outlook: A Year of Transition -- An outlook and review of key themes for 2018.
Broader Income Opportunities with a Multi-Asset Approach -- Lower rates have investors searching for yield in non-traditional places
Capturing Dividend Growth Takes More than Simple Rules -- SANTA BARBARA ASSET MANAGEMENT offers a differentiated approach to dividend growth investing. We believe the pursuit of high-quality dividend growers should be an active approach not constrained by rules-based investing. As such, we do not impose limits on the length of dividend history or market-relative yield levels.
Dividend Growth Investing: Addressing Both Sides of the Retirement Equation -- A whitepaper addressing the benefits of both growth and income in a retirement portfolio.
For JP Morgan Chase: 2018 Santa Barbara Outlook: A Year of Transition
Premium Bonds -- This piece explains the potential benefits of purchasing premium bonds in a rising interest rate envioronment.
Riding the Yield Curve in Up and Down Markets -- Explains the municipal strategy of riding the yield curve when investing in intermediate bonds.
Two Is Greater Than One -- A research piece that reviews the benefits of a diversified portfolio that includes both municipals and equities.
Understanding $25 Par Value Preferred Securities -- And explanation of $25 par value preferred securities.
Understanding Duration -- Explains the concept of duration.
Why Dividends? -- A research report illustrating Why Dividends, Why Now from Santa Barbara Asset Management
Yield-at-Cost: Seeing the Whole Picture -- A look at how a yield-at-cost perspective is a more helpful framework for determining portfolio success than simply looking at current yield.
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