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Weekly Commentary: Gains May Be Limited, but Stocks Still Look Attractive -- We think the backdrop should continue to be favorable for risk assets, but we expect volatility to rise and gains to be tougher to come by. Subscribe
Ten Predictions for 2017 3Q Update: We Expect More of the Same. And That's Good for Stocks. -- Bob Doll updates his Ten Predictions for 2017, provides his economic and market outlook and suggests themes investors may want to consider.
Florida Municipal Bonds Expected to Weather the Storm -- While it is far too early to fully assess the damage, we believe Florida’s municipal obligations should remain strong.
Are States Collecting Their Fair Share of Taxes? -- A changing American economy may require a modernized muncipal taxation system.
Weathering the Storm: Municipal Bonds Should Remain Strong -- While it is far too early to fully assess the damage wrought by Hurricane Harvey, we believe the municipal obligations of states and communities affected by the storm should remain strong.
Large Cap Equity Series | SMA Presentation (Stable Growth) -- Overview of the Large Cap Equity Series | SMAs and composite performance for the Stable Growth strategy.
Large Cap Equity Series | SMA Presentation (LCC, CC) -- Overview of the Large Cap Equity Series | SMAs and composite performance for Large Cap Core and Concentrated Core strategies.
Focus on Consistent Income and Total Return Through Market Cycles - TIAA TFI -- TIAA Investments Fixed Income Capabilities Overview
Despite Passing a Budget, Illinois' Fiscal Challenges Remain -- Illinois' historic two- year budget impasse ended on July 6, but headline risk and pricing volatility will continue to be risks of investing in Illinois credits.
California: A Comeback Credit -- California’s credit improvement and rating upgrades were driven by surging revenues, controlled expenditures and improved governance.

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