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Bob Doll, CFA

Bob Doll’s Ten Predictions for 2018: From nearly perfect to less perfect

As the new year begins, Bob Doll unveils his annual predictions for the economy and financial markets.
Bob Doll, CFA


Municipal market enters 2018
with certainty and strength

Co-Head of Fixed Income John Miller comments on the municipal markets over the past quarter.
John Miller, CFA

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2/23/2018 Chart Talk: Opportunities in Municipal Bonds Flip Book: 4Q 2017 -- Leading the Way in Municipal Bonds: The What, Why and How of the Municipal Markets John Miller Investor Subscribe
2/20/2018 Weekly Fixed Income Update: Treasury yields rise on strong inflation data -- The U.S. Treasury yield curve flattened last week, with 2-year yields moving higher every day. Investor Subscribe
2/20/2018 Weekly Commentary: Stocks recover ground as the focus returns to fundamentals -- Rising yields and inflation remain risks for stocks, but we believe equity prices can continue to advance. Bob Doll Investor Subscribe
2/16/2018 Minnesota well-regarded in the municipal market -- How do Minnesota’s economic and wealth metrics compare to national marks? Investor
2/14/2018 Municipal Bond Market Update_presentation -- Overview of recent developments in the municipal bond market. John Miller Advisor
2/8/2018 Behind the correction: What's happening, why and what to do -- Bob Doll and Brian Nick explain the factors behind ongoing market turmoil and offer their perspective on what might happen next. Bob Doll, Brian Nick Investor
1/31/2018 The January Fed meeting: a quiet end to the Yellen era -- We decode the Fed’s comments and offer views about what Fed policy means for the markets. Investor
1/30/2018 Do tax rates affect municipal bond yields? -- Is tax reform responsible for the relative cheapening of municipal yields? Cadmus Hicks Investor
1/26/2018 Equity Markets: A banner year for global stocks. What now? -- Head of Equities David Chalupnik comments on the equity markets over the past quarter. David Chalupnik, Gordon Telfer Investor Subscribe
1/23/2018 Municipal market enters 2018 with certainty and strength -- Co-Head of Fixed Income John Miller comments on the municipal markets over the past quarter. John Miller Investor Subscribe
1/22/2018 Economic and Financial Market Review and Outlook -- Keith Hembre's monthly outlook on the economy and financial markets. Keith Hembre Investor Subscribe
1/22/2018 Taxable Fixed Income Outlook: Positioning portfolios for the peaking credit cycle -- We think it is time to moderate credit risk in portfolios, as valuations are less attractive. Tony Rodriguez, Paul Blomgren Investor Subscribe
1/17/2018 Municipal Market Recap and Outlook -- Economic outlook with information concerning our economy, along with inflation, interest rates, municipal bond supply and demand, and credit conditions. Cadmus Hicks Investor Subscribe
1/5/2018 2018 Investment Outlook - Ten Predictions from Bob Doll (ML presentation) -- Bob Doll of Nuveen Asset Management provides his 2018 outlook and Ten Predictions along with key themes for investors today. Bob Doll Investor
1/4/2018 Bob Doll's Ten Predictions for 2018: From nearly perfect to less perfect -- Bob Doll unveils his Ten Predictions for 2018, provides his economic and market outlook and suggests themes investors may want to consider. Bob Doll Investor
1/4/2018 2018 Investment Outlook - Ten Predictions from Bob Doll (presentation) -- Bob Doll of Nuveen Asset Management provides his 2018 outlook and Ten Predictions along with key themes for investors today. Bob Doll Investor
1/3/2018 Ten Predictions for 2018: Summary -- Bob Doll provides his outlook for the year ahead and his annual Ten Predictions for 2018. Bob Doll Investor
12/28/2017 2018 Santa Barbara Outlook: A Year of Transition -- An outlook and review of key themes for 2018. Investor
12/21/2017 Tax reform investment implications: How much bang for the bucks? -- Tax reform is now a reality, but investors are left with questions about the economic implications and how changes will affect their portfolios. John Miller, Brian Nick, Saira Malik Investor
12/20/2017 Credit Risk Isn't the Only Thing: Weighing Interest Rate Risk -- In the current environment, we’re getting defensive on rate risk while continuing our rigorous assessment of credit market conditions and idiosyncratic credit risk. Investor
12/20/2017 Tax Cut Package Largely Spares Municipal Bonds -- The final version of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was far kinder to municipal bonds than the original legislation passed by the House. Shawn O'Leary Investor
11/20/2017 MuniNotes: SALT in the Wound for Municipals? -- Learn more about municipal credit trends from our municipal credit research team. John Miller Investor Subscribe
11/7/2017 Municipal Bonds: Staying the Course Usually Benefits Investors -- Analysis of the last three periods of municipal market volatility suggests that investors that stay the course may benefit from their patience. Chris Barron Investor
10/26/2017 A Long Road Ahead for Puerto Rico -- Puerto Rico’s situation has dramatically changed from a financial to humanitarian crisis. However, many open questions and unresolved issues remain for Puerto Rico’s creditors. Molly Shellhorn Investor
10/17/2017 Positioning Equity Portfolios for When Rates Rise -- While rising rates may contribute to stock market volatility, they also may create investment opportunities—especially if investors stay selective. Bob Doll, Jim Boothe, Saira Malik Investor
9/20/2017 The Fed's Incredible Shrinking Balance Sheet -- Fed Chairman Janet Yellen discusses timing for reducing the Fed's balance sheet and outlook on the economy and interest rates. Brian Nick Investor
9/15/2017 Florida Municipal Bonds Expected to Weather the Storm -- While it is far too early to fully assess the damage, we believe Florida’s municipal obligations should remain strong. Molly Shellhorn, Brenda Ojendyk Investor
9/12/2017 Are States Collecting Their Fair Share of Taxes? -- A changing American economy may require a modernized muncipal taxation system. Shawn O'Leary Investor
8/28/2017 Weathering the Storm: Municipal Bonds Should Remain Strong -- While it is far too early to fully assess the damage wrought by Hurricane Harvey, we believe the municipal obligations of states and communities affected by the storm should remain strong. Shawn O'Leary Investor
8/14/2017 Fixed Income Investing in a Reduced Liquidity Environment -- Impaired liquidity can hurt performance and disrupt access to investment proceeds, making it an important concern for some investors. Paul Blomgren, Chris Neuharth Investor
8/10/2017 The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: A Balancing Act -- Pennsylvania has persistently struggled to pass a timely budget for much of the past decade. Brenda Ojendyk Investor
7/27/2017 Despite Passing a Budget, Illinois' Fiscal Challenges Remain -- Illinois' historic two- year budget impasse ended on July 6, but headline risk and pricing volatility will continue to be risks of investing in Illinois credits. Molly Shellhorn Investor
7/13/2017 California: A Comeback Credit -- California’s credit improvement and rating upgrades were driven by surging revenues, controlled expenditures and improved governance. Lori McDonald Investor
6/30/2017 Capturing Opportunities in International Equities -- Peter Boardman, Chris Semenuk and Reed Walters discuss current investment opportunities in international equities and highlight their individual investment philosophies. Peter Boardman, Chris Semenuk, Reed Walters Investor
5/26/2017 Staying Positive on Equity Market Neutral -- Equity Market Neutral strategies may be a compelling option for investors and are less complicated than many believe. Bob Doll, Scott Tonneson Investor
5/25/2017 Connecticut’s Fiscal Struggles Continue -- Connecticut continues to grapple with budget deficits despite multiple sizable tax hikes. Glen Anderson Investor
5/22/2017 Where Are We in the Credit Cycle? -- Is the current credit cycle ending? We say no. Doug Baker, Tony Rodriguez Investor
4/18/2017 Clean and green fixed income: Bright prospects despite power shift in Washington -- Stephen M. Liberatore, CFA, explains why compelling opportunities in clean energy, including "green bonds," are expected to continue despite policy changes under the Trump administration. Stephen M. Liberatore Investor
3/23/2017 Small Cap Equities: More Reasons to Invest -- While valuations are no longer a reason to buy small cap stocks, we see other, more compelling reasons. Gordon Telfer, David Johnson Investor
3/13/2017 TIAA-CREF Real Estate: The Impact of Rising Interest Rates -- U.S. commercial real estate and the impact of rising interest rates Advisor

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