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2/22/2018 Why Global Dividend Growth? -- A research report that highlights the attractiveness and merits of global dividends and why they might serve a place in a properly diversified portfolio. Investor
2/20/2018 Finding International Dividend Growers Takes More than Simple Rules -- SANTA BARBARA ASSET MANAGEMENT offers a differentiated approach to dividend growth investing. We believe the pursuit of high-quality dividend growers should be an active approach not constrained by rules-based investing. As such, we do not impose limits on the length of dividend history or market-relative yield levels. Investor
2/15/2018 Which states are gaining or losing taxable income? -- Will the new tax code motivate some residents to relocate to states with lower perceived tax burdens? Cadmus Hicks Investor
2/15/2018 Striking the balance: Portfolio customization and investment opportunity -- Consider these SMA customization requests, along with alternate methods of addressing investment objectives while preserving attractive investment opportunities. Shawn O'Leary Investor
2/6/2018 Two Is Greater Than One -- A research piece that reviews the benefits of a diversified portfolio that includes both municipals and equities. Investor
2/5/2018 Capturing Dividend Growth Takes More than Simple Rules -- SANTA BARBARA ASSET MANAGEMENT offers a differentiated approach to dividend growth investing. We believe the pursuit of high-quality dividend growers should be an active approach not constrained by rules-based investing. As such, we do not impose limits on the length of dividend history or market-relative yield levels. Investor
1/31/2018 Dividend Growth Investing: Addressing Both Sides of the Retirement Equation -- A whitepaper addressing the benefits of both growth and income in a retirement portfolio. Investor
1/30/2018 Yield-at-Cost: Seeing the Whole Picture -- A look at how a yield-at-cost perspective is a more helpful framework for determining portfolio success than simply looking at current yield. Investor
1/25/2018 Why Dividends? -- A research report illustrating Why Dividends, Why Now from Santa Barbara Asset Management Investor
12/15/2017 Premium Bonds -- This piece explains the potential benefits of purchasing premium bonds in a rising interest rate envioronment. Investor
12/12/2017 Positioning bond portfolios for rising interest rates -- Strategies that offer diversified, actively managed exposure to a range of fixed-income securities may be best positioned to withstand the potential impact of rising rates. Investor
12/5/2017 Preferred Securities in Institutional Portfolios -- Institutional investors often overlook this hybrid asset class, but we find it attractive from fundamental, technical and valuation perspectives. Doug Baker, Brenda Langenfeld Investor
12/5/2017 Fixed Income Perspective: Preferred Securities -- A primer on Preferred Securities. Doug Baker, Tony Rodriguez Investor
11/28/2017 Why It’s Not Your Grandma’s Bond Market Anymore -- We believe a bond portfolio that includes non-index sectors has the potential to offer the best risk/return profile. Paul Blomgren Investor
10/27/2017 The Many Flavors of Yield -- How does a fund’s SEC yield differ from the dividend yield? Cadmus Hicks Investor
10/20/2017 Why Institutionally Managed Municipal Bond Portfolios? -- Market changes call for sophisticated municipal advice and market access. Mike Davern, Purva Patel Investor
9/21/2017 Considering REITs for the Long Term -- How do REITs perform when interest rates rise? The answer is more nuanced than people expect. James Clark Investor
9/20/2017 Municipal Market: How Rates Rise Matters -- In prior rising rate environments, various parts of the municipal yield curve reacted differently based on economic conditions and the pace and scale of Fed activity. Chris Barron Investor
9/5/2017 Fixed-income strategies for low and rising rates -- Diversifying fixed-income portfolios with "plus" strategies--including high yield and emerging markets debt-- can help investors address the twin challenges of low yields and rising rates. Analysis shows the potential to improve risk-adjusted returns in periods when rates are rising. Brian Nick Investor
8/30/2017 Beyond Duration: Comparing Taxable Bond Funds -- Understanding what’s in a bond fund is important to building effective portfolios. Paul Blomgren Investor
8/30/2017 State of the States: New York -- New York State has a wide array of tools at its disposal to adapt and to maintain financial stability. Glen Anderson Investor
8/24/2017 Municipal Bonds: Understanding the Fundamentals -- Understanding the basic differences between GO and revenue bonds can help one build an appropriate municipal bond strategy. Investor
8/24/2017 Municipal Bankruptcy: A Primer on Chapter 9 -- Understand the key components of Chapter 9, state actions to deter future filings and circumstances of recent municipal bankruptcy filings. Beth Dougherty, Kristen DeJong Investor
8/7/2017 Waiting to Extend: A Forward-Looking Approach to Fixed Income Investing -- This report provides investors and their advisors with a tool for quantifying the consequences of delaying one’s purchase of long-term bonds and for setting a target that interest rates must reach to justify such a delay. Cadmus Hicks Investor
8/7/2017 Fixed Income Perspective: Treasury Inflation Protected Securities -- TIPS’ complexities require examination, but they may benefit a long-term diversified portfolio. Tony Rodriguez Investor
8/2/2017 Understanding Tender Option Bonds -- A guide to how tender option bonds work, considerations, and how they contribute to leverage Investor
7/17/2017 Is High Yield High Risk? A Primer on Municipal High Yield -- Many misunderstand high yield muni issuers, thinking they must be in financial distress. Mike Davern Investor
7/7/2017 TIAA Responsible Investing: Delivering Competitive Performance -- Does pursuing social goals - limiting the range of potential investment opportunities - require sacrificing performance? Investor
6/27/2017 The Case for Investing in U.S. Municipal Bonds -- Why is non-U.S. and domestic investor interest in muni bonds growing? Investor
6/14/2017 Global Infrastructure: Listed Securities Offer Opportunities -- Private funding has transformed infrastructure from something that consumes tax dollars to a potential investment opportunity. Investor
6/5/2017 The Markup Rule for Municipal Bonds -- An MSRB rule now requires dealers to post markup information on the confirmations of non-institutional customers. Cadmus Hicks Investor
5/31/2017 Understanding Duration -- Explains the concept of duration. Investor
5/9/2017 Understanding Land-Secured Municipal Bonds -- Development has resumed in some land-secured projects that were stalled during the real estate downturn. Philip Traven, Tom Berry, Ryan Rosberg, Ellen Rossi Investor
4/28/2017 Get Real With Income-Producing Real Assets -- Real assets may serve as a non-traditional source of income. Matthew Weyandt Investor
4/19/2017 Can Active Management of Fixed Income Portfolios Add Value? -- Can active management of fixed income portfolios produce higher total returns than simply buying and holding bonds? Cadmus Hicks Investor
4/18/2017 Target-date funds: Improving diversification with direct real estate -- Incorporating direct real estate investments in target-date funds offers the potential to enhance diversification, reduce volatility, and improve outcomes. Advisor
4/12/2017 Why Responsible Investment Is Here to Stay -- Amy O’Brien looks at the main growth drivers behind responsible investment and some key themes that she expects to emerge over the coming year Amy O'Brien Investor
4/4/2017 Bonds Add Balance -- We continue to advocate a diversified portfolio through changing rate environments. Tony Rodriguez Investor
3/27/2017 Riding the Yield Curve in Up and Down Markets -- Explains the municipal strategy of riding the yield curve when investing in intermediate bonds. Investor
3/15/2017 How Old Is Your Pension Plan? Matching Pension Investing to Plan Demographics -- By focusing on the specific segments of the liability (retirees, vested terminees, and active employees), plan sponsors can design a portfolio that invests in liability-hedging assets where they will be most effective and in return-seeking assets where their risk will have the least impact. David Wilson, Evan Inglis Investor
3/14/2017 Understanding $25 Par Value Preferred Securities -- And explanation of $25 par value preferred securities. Investor
3/10/2017 Is High Yield High Risk? What Investors Should Know (presentation) -- What investors should know when seeking yield in the municipal market Mike Davern Advisor
2/27/2017 Spendthrifts or Penny Pinchers? -- Consider these common misconceptions about state and local government finances. Shawn O'Leary Investor
2/27/2017 What Makes Active Equity Management Successful -- We may be at the cusp of a better environment for active management—if investors know what to look for. Bob Doll, Scott Tonneson Investor

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