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Nuveen Build America Bond Fund (NYSE: NBB)

Asset Allocation*

As of 01/31/2017

Fund Characteristics*

As of 1/31/2017 
# of Holdings 118
Avg. Coupon 6.47%
Avg. Coupon not including Zero Coupon Bonds6.49%
Avg. Bond Price as a % of par$118.93
Avg. Bond Price not including Zero Coupon Bonds$119.22
% of Portfolio Allocated to Zero Coupon Bonds0.18%
Avg. Effective Duration 8.82
Avg. Leverage-Adjusted Effective Duration 10.21
Effective Maturity 23.60
% Portfolio Pre-refunded 0.23%

Call Exposure *

As of 01/31/2017

Percentages reflect the percentage of the fund’s investment exposure callable in the timeframe relative to the “as of” date shown. The "Next 12 months" figure (if shown) includes investments that are currently callable, as well as callable in the next 12 months.

Securities subject to call may not be called.

Credit Quality*

As of 01/31/2017

Ratings shown are the highest rating given by one of the following national rating agencies: Standard & Poor’s Group, Moody’s Investor Services, Inc. or Fitch, Inc. Credit ratings are subject to change. AAA, AA, A, and BBB are investment grade ratings; BB, B, CCC, CC, C and D are below-investment grade ratings. Bonds backed by U.S. Government or agency securities are given an implied rating equal to the rating of such securities. Holdings designated N/R are not rated by these national rating agencies.

Maturity Breakdown *

As of 01/31/2017

Top 10 Issuers

As of 01/31/2017
Issuer% Portfolio*
New York City: Municipal Water Finance
New York State: State Personal Income T
Clark County: Airport General Revenue B
Municipal Electric: Nuclear Plant Vogt
Kentucky State Mun: Power System Reven
Texas State: North Texas Tollway Author
California State: General Obligation Bo
San Francisco City: Certificates of Pa
Los Angeles Commun: General Obligation
Seattle: Municipal Light and Power Reve

Top 5 Industries

As of 01/31/2017
Industry% Portfolio
Transportation Infrastructure
Water Utilities
Electric Utilities
Diversified Consumer Services

Holdings may vary and are subject to change without notice.

Exposures and breakdowns are asset-weighted using the current market value of bonds held in the portfolio, as well as the full amount and exposure of bonds held in a tender option bond (TOB) trust, even though the fund owns only the residual inverse floater in its portfolio and managed assets.

This may not be fully consistent with generally accepted accounting principles.

An investment in this fund presents a number of risks and is not suitable for all investors. Investors should carefully review and consider potential risks before investing. For more detailed information on the specific risks associated with this fund, please view the Overview tab.


* Percent allocations, calculations, and averages reflect the Fund's full investment exposure, including the full value of bonds held in tender option bond trusts that have issued residual inverse floating rate securities that the Fund holds.

Totals may not add to 100% due to rounding.

Fund data is updated daily, monthly, and quarterly, depending on the specific data point. Click HERE for the update schedule.

Frequency Data included
Daily all funds: Market price, NAV, premium/discount, annualized distribution rates on market price and NAV
Monthly all funds: Assets, leverage, expenses, total return performance, distribution amounts, earnings & UNII
Monthly certain funds: Municipal bond fund holdings and portfolio information
Monthly certain funds, with 1-month lag: Taxable fund holdings and portfolio information except JCE, NSL, JFR and JRO; and % AMT for municipal bond funds
Quarterly certain funds: JCE, NSL, JFR, and JRO holdings and portfolio information, tax characteristic estimates for distributions from funds paying quarterly distributions
Quarterly all funds: SEC filings (annual shareholder report, semi-annual shareholder report, or 10-Q filing)
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