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Nuveen’s tax-exempt funds use an income-only distribution approach. Distribution rates represent the latest declared regular distribution, annualized, relative to the most recent daily market price and NAV. Special distributions, including special capital gains distributions, are not included in the calculation.

  • NL = Non Leveraged
  • L = Leveraged
  • T = Term
  • AF = AMT-Free
  • H = High Income
  • IO = Income Only
Fund Inception DateNAV Closing PriceChangePremium Discount1Latest
Current Dist RateTaxable Equiv Rate2Average Daily Volume (shares)3Average Duration (years)4Fact
Tax-Exempt Municipal Debt - National Municipals
NEA L,AF,IO11/2002$14.52
NVG L,H,AF,IO3/2002$15.57
NZF L,H,IO9/2001$15.26
NMZ L,H,IO11/2003$12.90
NID L,H,T,IO12/2012$13.34
NAD L,IO5/1999$14.85
NEV L,IO9/2009$14.67
NIQ L,T,IO2/2013$13.47
NHA L,T,IO1/2016$9.48
NUW NL,AF,IO2/2009$16.66
NUV NL,IO6/1987$10.04
NMI NL,IO4/1988$11.22
NXP NL,IO3/1992$14.91
NXQ NL,IO5/1992$14.37
NXR NL,IO7/1992$15.19
NIM NL,IO9/1992$10.24
Tax-Exempt Municipal Debt - California
NKX L,AF,IO11/2002$15.23
NAC L,IO5/1999$15.20
NCA NL,IO10/1987$10.19
NXC NL,IO6/1992$14.94
NCB NL,IO4/2009$16.17
Tax-Exempt Municipal Debt - New York
NRK L,AF,IO11/2002$14.11
NAN L,IO5/1999$14.73
NNY NL,IO10/1987$9.84
NXN NL,IO6/1992$13.98
NYV NL,IO4/2009$15.38
Tax-Exempt Municipal Debt - Other States
NQP L,IO2/1991$14.67
NTX L,IO10/1991$15.03
NUM L,IO10/1991$14.99
NUO L,IO10/1991$16.22
NAZ L,IO11/1992$14.16
NMT L,IO3/1993$14.32
NMY L,IO3/1993$14.12
NPV L,IO3/1993$13.98
NNC L,IO5/1993$14.56
NOM L,IO5/1993$13.58
NTC L,IO5/1993$13.74
NMS L,IO6/1993$14.60
NXJ L,IO3/2001$15.10
NKG L,IO9/2002$13.47
NJV NL,IO4/2009$15.48
NPN NL,IO4/2009$15.08


Shares of closed-end funds are subject to investment risks, including the possible loss of principal invested. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

For those states with a flat tax rate, the state rate is used in the combined tax rate calculation along with the federal rate (28%). For states with a graduated tax rate, a conservative mid-point is used.

1 The premium/discount is calculated as (most recent price/most recent NAV) -1.

2 Taxable equivalent distribution rates (Municipal closed end fund shares)

3 The measurement is in shares traded and is the average of the last month of trading volume.

4 Duration represents Effective Duration for Non-Leveraged funds and Leveraged-Adjusted Effective Duration for Leveraged Funds.

Fund data is updated daily, monthly, and quarterly, depending on the specific data point. Click HERE for the update schedule.

Frequency Data included
Daily all funds: Market price, NAV, premium/discount, annualized distribution rates on market price and NAV
Monthly all funds: Assets, leverage, expenses, total return performance, distribution amounts, earnings & UNII
Monthly certain funds: Municipal bond fund holdings and portfolio information
Monthly certain funds, with 1-month lag: Taxable fund holdings and portfolio information except JCE, NSL, JFR and JRO; and % AMT for municipal bond funds
Quarterly certain funds: JCE, NSL, JFR, and JRO holdings and portfolio information, tax characteristic estimates for distributions from funds paying quarterly distributions
Quarterly all funds: SEC filings (annual shareholder report, semi-annual shareholder report, or 10-Q filing)
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