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About Preferred Securities

Taxable preferred securities are usually junior liabilities of an issuer, pay fixed or adjustable rate dividends, have a "preference" over common stock in the payment of dividends and the liquidation of a company's assets, and may be issued for a finite term. They are not bonds but often have bond-like characteristics like credit ratings and call features.

Generally, taxable preferred securities are divided into "$25 par (sometime also known as hybrid prefered) and "institutional" segments. The $25 par segment is typified by securities that are listed on the New York Stock Exchange and trade without accrued dividend income. The institutional segment is typified by $1,000 par value securities that are traded over-the-counter on an "accrued income" basis.

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About Nuveen Preferred Securities Funds

Nuveen Preferred Securities Funds offer high quality portfolios, investing mainly in securities that, at the time of investment, are investment-grade quality. The expectation is that yields for preferred securities should be higher than bonds, because they are lower in capital structure hierarchy, thereby incurring greater risk.

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Are these CEFs right for you?

The features and investment objectives of these funds might be especially appealing to investors seeking:
  • High current income potential consistent with capital preservation
  • Additional diversification within their portfolios
  • Enhanced capital preservation due to low correlation with other asset classes

What are potential risks?

  • Preferred securities are subject to call risk and credit risk
  • Preferred securities are issued by many companies, but the majority of issuers are in the financial sector, leading to sector concentration risk.

Nuveen's Preferred
Securities CEFs

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