Nuveen Tax-Exempt Municipal Debt Funds

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Potential for:

  • Attractive, monthly income that is exempt from regular federal income tax
  • State-specific bonds can provide residents of those states with income free from state and, in some cases, local income taxes as well.*
  • Enhanced income from the use of financial leverage, which many municipal bond closed-end funds employ. To learn more, click here.

*Interest on out-of-state bonds and dividends paid by national funds may be subject to state and local taxes. Income may also be subject to the Alternative Minimum Tax.

About the strategy:

Many of the services and conveniences we enjoy today are paid for by issuing municipal bonds. Municipal bonds are debt issued by a state, city, or other municipality to finance capital improvements, cash needs, or refinance existing debt.

Most municipal bonds pay interest that is exempt from regular federal income tax, and fall into two main types: General Obligation bonds (GOs), and Revenue bonds. General Obligation bonds are used to fund general operating purposes of states and cities, while Revenue bonds are used to finance special projects associated with specific revenue streams such as toll roads, water or sewer infrastructure, or a new sports stadium.

To make a fair comparison between a tax-free investment like a municipal bond fund and a taxable investment, one should adjust the tax-free investment's yield to account for money saved in regular federal, and sometimes state, income tax.

Nuveen offers State Specific closed-end funds for states highlighted in the map above.

Tax-Exempt Municipal Debt Funds
(National and State)

30 Years of Nuveen Muni Closed-End Funds

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