Multi-Strategy Funds

About Multi-Strategy Funds

Multi-strategy is the term used when several different asset classes are blended for cash flow diversified among different types of assets and risk. Both equity and debt investments are used in different measures to try to achieve the targeted mix of income and growth.

The Nuveen Diversified Dividend and Income Fund (JDD) combines equity and debt strategies, using four separate asset classes, into one convenient balanced investment. Each strategy and asset class offers its own set of potential benefits. Together, they create what we believe is a compelling, blended investment designed to provide high current income, meaningful total return opportunities and risk-reducing diversification.

Investor Profile

Are these CEFs right for you?

The features and investment objectives of these funds might be especially appealing to investors seeking:

  • High regular distributions;
  • Total return opportunity;
  • Blended asset combinations actively managed at a portfolio level (each asset) and the fund level (e.g., rebalancing asset allocations within the fund as needed).
  • Access to non-traditional asset classes and strategies, for example, emerging markets sovereign debt, REIT common stocks or short selling strategies.

What are potential risks?

  • These portfolios are subject to the risks of their component asset classes: market risk, interest rate risk, credit risk, REIT risk, non-US securities risk, senior loan risk, and illiquid securities risk.
  • In addition, because historically some of the strategies have been uncorrelated, these funds’ target asset allocations may change substantially due to increases or decreases in the value of investments in a particular component strategy.

Multi-Strategy Closed-End Funds

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