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Westchester Group Investment Management


About Westchester

Westchester has more than 30 years of experience in acquiring, managing and marketing agricultural real estate assets around the world. Our goal is to achieve the investment objectives of our clients (institutional, corporate and individual), as well as financial growth for our shareholders.

Westchester employs knowledgeable staff on the ground working with local farmers, third party operators and end users in most markets around the globe. These key relationships give us the region-specific knowledge in sourcing, acquiring and managing farmland assets.

We are a leading global farmland asset manager


largest manager of farmland assets globally1

of farmland assets under management2

employees worldwide

gross acres managed globally2

Westchester Group Investment Management research series

Global Thoughts newsletters

Our commitment to responsible investment

Our platform


Diversified global portfolio of high-quality
agricultural assets with potential to benefit
from macro dynamics and local attributes


Designed around local farmland market
characteristics, our dedicated local investment
teams enable proprietary deal flow, optimized
management and informed decision making


Continual knowledge sharing between local
teams and institutional management increases
alignment, improves risk management, and
deepens connections in the markets where we

Our global presence

With more than 120 employees located in 23 offices across the United States, Australia, Europe and Brazil, our farmland investment platform offers extensive geographic reach and region-specific expertise
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Westchester Group Investment Management
All investments involve some degree of risk, including loss of principal. Investment objectives may not be met.

1 Pensions & Investments, 01 Oct 2018. Rankings based on institutional tax-exempt assets under management as of 30 Jun 2018 reported by each responding asset manager. 

2 As of 30 Jun 2019.