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Santa Barbara Asset Management

Santa Barbara Asset Management

About Santa Barbara Asset Management

Santa Barbara Asset Management is a high conviction equity manager that applies a consistent and proven approach in seeking to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns from long-term investment in quality companies with the fundamentals to sustain future dividend growth.

They provide investment advisory services in U.S.-based, global and international equity strategies. Distinguished by their singular team, disciplined process and differentiated approach, they seek to consistently identify high quality companies around the globe using fundamental, bottom-up research. Santa Barbara's fundamental analysis is focused on evaluating a company’s ability for sustainable dividend growth and capital appreciation. Santa Barbara’s time-tested investment philosophy and process have proven results of low volatility, capital preservation and excess returns spanning several markets and economic cycles.

Specialist Note: David A. Chalupnik and Evan F. Staples concurrently provide investment services for both Nuveen Asset Management and Santa Barbara Asset Management.