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Nuveen fund

Emerging Markets Impact Bond

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A hard-currency emerging markets debt strategy that invests in issuers that demonstrate environmental, social and governance leadership and are best positioned to address social and/or climate challenges, or securities that meet Nuveen’s proprietary fixed income direct and measurable impact framework.

Strategy highlights

  • Managing downside risk and efficiently allocating active risk helps deliver consistent, incremental alpha over cycles
  • Empowers investors to allocate capital toward ESG leaders and positive, direct and measurable outcomes within emerging markets


Provides access to

Emerging markets fixed income

Investable universe
  • Sovereign
  • Quasi sovereign
  • Corporate
  • Impact maximisation
  • Hard currency focus

JP Morgan Emerging Markets Bond Index Global Diversified

Impact themes
  • Affordable housing
  • Community and economic development
  • Renewable energy and climate change
  • Natural resources

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Responsible investing incorporates Environmental Social Governance (ESG) factors that may affect exposure to issuers, sectors, industries, limiting the type and number of investment opportunities available, which could result in excluding investments that perform well.

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