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Responsible Investing

2022 Nuveen Natural Capital Sustainability Report

Loconia Grain Storage

Natural capital: toward a more holistic land management approach

Responsible land stewardship plays a critical role in ensuring long-term productivity and delivering environmental benefits. This long-term perspective underpinned the rationale for combining our farmland and timberland asset management businesses to create Nuveen Natural Capital.

The 2022 Sustainability Report is the first manifestation of our unified natural capital approach, providing insights into our sustainability strategy, metrics and achievements that span what formerly comprised Nuveen’s annual farmland and timberland sustainability reports. Our intent is both to inform and to display our genuine excitement as we pioneer a new generation of investment opportunities that aim for strong results as well as profound benefits for Nature, Climate and People.

Nuveen Natural Capital achieved several milestones in 2021. These included:

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