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2021 Farmland Sustainability Report

Farmland during sunset

Chronicling our commitment to sustainable farmland management

As we mark the 10th anniversary of our Farmland Report, we reflect on the journey of embedding sustainability into our farmland management philosophy.

We have never seen a time when the forces of change have been stronger or more aligned. Crop protection and seed companies are seeking to find innovative ways to increase efficiency and reduce inputs, while food companies are responding to consumer demands to reduce the impact the food value chain has on the environment and to increase transparency. At the same time, governments and institutional investors are intensifying their scrutiny of sustainability factors across longer time horizons, and consulting firms are creating advanced tools for measuring ESG progress. These converging forces are aligned with Westchester’s efforts to continue to advance our sustainability initiatives. The long-term nature of farmland investments and the ability to implement practices on the ground, allows us to protect and enhance natural capital while also delivering stable investment returns.

This report provides a range of examples of our sustainability initiatives, including these highlights:

We hope you enjoy this review of our farmland sustainability efforts.

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