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Real estate

Smart sustainable building blueprint

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To bring our tomorrow’s world vision to life, Nuveen Real Estate has developed a smart sustainable building blueprint (SSBB) for the different real estate sectors it invests in. Each sector-specific SSBB takes into account the three key drivers of change in tomorrow’s world: sustainability, technology and people.

Each blueprint categorises building features or operational best practices based on the area of building performance being addressed, the expertise required to implement cost-effective solutions and the relevant stakeholder set.

Each sector’s SSBB framework also classifies features as essential, value add or pilot, which reflects market maturity and Nuveen Real Estate’s operating standards. All assets strive to incorporate programmatic approaches to essential features in asset business plans and operating practices, while value add and pilot features are assessed on an asset-by-asset basis. By nature, how features are classified will evolve over time based on consumer sentiment, technological development, capital market demand and local market dynamics.

The SSBB is a tool that helps our investment teams identify and prioritise implementation strategies for assets in a given sector. It is also a framework within which we set and measure progress towards operational goals.

Download the full report for an illustration of some of our SSBB features for the office, retail, multifamily and industrial sectors.

Download the full SSBB

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